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6 Best Practices for Content Promotion

Did you write a quality post, but it went unnoticed? Have you drawn a gorgeous infographic, but no one has ever shared it? If your content is really that great, but it still doesn't resonate with your audience, it can only mean one thing that you don't pay enough attention to promoting your content.

2020 was a landmark year for the transformation of content promotion for many reasons. Classic tools have reached a high level of development, which manifested itself in the popularization of the simultaneous use of several promotion channels and new mechanisms have appeared in digital marketing. Besides, the coronavirus pandemic has forced even companies that have traditionally focused on direct contact with customers to turn to online tools.

In July, Google published a study on the dynamics of consumer dependence on the digital environment. A key change over the past year has been higher expectations for online information. For marketers, this result means the need to develop a flawless content promotion strategy, and this website may help you to create outstanding visual content that promotes business and inspires the world.

In this post, we will tell you about 6 best practices for content promotion and how to use them to effectively interact with your target audience.


Paid ads can generate a lot of revenue, but it's far more profitable for businesses to get organic traffic. SEO generates sales better than paid promotion and results in higher ranking in the search results. The tricky part is that 68% of all clicks on Google search results come from the top five links. That is, the goal of effective content promotion is to get to the top of search results. And for that, you still need to publish quality content.

Despite its seeming simplicity, working with text is a complex process. In order for search engines to direct Internet users to a site, the page must contain key queries that people use to search for a specific product. However, Google is struggling with over-optimization: they remove texts with a large number of key phrases from search results. Many foreign marketers claim that for high-quality promotion, it is enough to enter the main keyword at the level of 1-2%.

Content Marketing

If you plan to create only a landing page, it is enough to use advertising to attract leads. A one-page site is the most effective tool as its conversion rate can reach 23%. However, when developing any multi-page site, as in the case of maintaining corporate social networks, you should resort to content marketing.

At the initial stage, it is important to answer not only the question "what?", but also the questions "where?" and when?". To do this, you need to understand the customer's journey from the moment of acquaintance with the product to the completion of the transaction. A striking example is the relationship between a website and a corporate YouTube channel. The first option: Internet users find a video on YouTube, and then go to the site to learn more about the company.

Content Plan

When the strategy is formed, a content plan should be developed: the procedure for publishing materials on the website and in social networks, publishing materials on third-party platforms, launching an email newsletter. What exactly to tell and in what format to present the information depends on the product and on the goals of content promotion.

You should use different content formats: text, photos, podcasts. In recent years, the popularity of video content has been steadily growing. You have to build audience trust, which positively affects the growth of incoming leads. Thus, the basis of content marketing is taking into account the expectations and “pains” of the target audience.

Social media marketing (SMM)

SMM is an effective tool for regular posting in line with content marketing goals. Although SMM involves less formal communication with the target audience, it is an extremely complex tool. With the sheer volume of posts that users see on social media every day, you need to constantly show talent to create engaging content.

The second significant problem is that trends appear and disappear rapidly. For example, Facebook, which was considered by corporations 3-4 years ago as the basis for the development of corporate SMM, loses its value when attracting a young audience. Generation Z prefers visual-oriented social media: Instagram and TikTok. Many Western brands are taking this trend into account when developing digital marketing. And many young companies start their promotion with these social networks.

Paid promotion

Paid promotion is a set of marketing tools that differ both in the method of use and in the speed of impact on the target audience. Among the most popular Internet marketing tools are contextual advertising (in search results), targeted advertising (in social networks), video advertising on YouTube, affiliate marketing (using third-party resources to drive traffic to your website), native advertising (advertising publications from bloggers), advertising in Google Mail.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective channels for promoting content. A well-implemented mailing list will remind you of the brand, deliver the necessary information directly to its consumer and gradually lead him to purchase. In practice, email marketing has high conversion rates.

Omnichannel Promotion

The need for the use of various promotion channels became apparent for a long time. By 2020, the effectiveness of this technique has been proven many times on examples of different scales. Omnichannel is not just a presence on different social networks or the use of different advertising channels. This is a digital marketing technique in which different points of contact of the client with the brand are introduced. A common example of omnichannel is advertising on different platforms. For example, a user interacted with an advertising post on Facebook, and then, when searching on Google, they are shown contextual ads for the same brand.

In modern times, due to the high competition, companies are forced to develop an attractive website, maintain informative corporate accounts in social networks, and engage in paid promotion. The result of such a complex work is the loyalty of a large audience. So, if you plan to develop your business for many years, then the omnichannel method based on content marketing will prove its effectiveness in the long term.

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