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2021 The Best Online Marketing Tool for Small Business

Even the strongest businesses find it difficult to survive in times of unforeseen crisis, let alone small businesses. But having a powerful marketing strategy is essential for sustained growth. When the world has gone 99% online, it is your marketing tricks that destroy the blue screen wall between your target audience and your business.

Despite the fact that more and more businesses find their marketing strategies failing, there are online tools that have proven impressive efficiency and potential. Let’s forget SEO and social media platforms for a moment. It is time to focus on platforms that offer great returns even for small budgets but require a little effort on your behalf to operate successfully.

The following tools will save you time and money while making the utmost for your business. Learn to plan your marketing strategy and optimize campaigns, study different options, and bring your organization to brand new SAFE levels.

Google Analytics

Free plan?Yes!

We bet you’ve been already introduced to this powerful tool. If not, hurry to catch up ASAP.

In simple words, Google Analytics uncovers the curtain behind the blue screen. You can find out who visits your website, what he/she’s up to, and what they want from you. Discover customer behaviour patterns to build more precise marketing strategies and take your business forward.

Anything - from identifying possible problems on the site to optimizing its traffic - is made possible with this efficient tool. Don’t let it out of your sight, for your brand’s sake!


Free plan?Yes! Plus paid plans that start at $45/month

HubSpot offers an alternative yet better way for your business to grow. A full-stack software that includes marketing, sales, and service online assistance. The marketing hub helps you grow traffic, convert more visitors, and run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale. Additionally, you can track emails, schedule sales meetings, and live chat with visitors.

The advantages this platform has to offer for your business are undeniable. We’ve mentioned only a few marketing-related features that can benefit every business no matter its size or purpose. Visit their site to find out more. Trust us, you won’t regret this click.


Free plan?Yes! Plus paid plans that start at $8/month

The ultimate email marketing software and marketing automation platform your business deserves. It offers high-quality marketing assistance in creating powerful emails your audience will love. Use a built-in editor to customize emails and shedule deliveries with advanced automation features. Besides, the platform has an easy-to-use tool to create beutiful landing pages in a blink of an eye.

Definitely worth the shot, if you ask us.


Free plan? Yes, up to 30 days! Paid plans start at $99/month

BuzzSumo finds the content that performs best for your unique business needs. Easy-to-use, this tool enables you to create custom content that answers your audience purposes.

Simply type the required keyword to discover high-performing content and boost likes, comments, and shares your business recieves. Engage in a deeper research to sharpen marketing strategies and meet top-tier influencers who can help your brand grow. Besides, you can monitor up and coming trends to never miss out on an optimistic opportunity to boost your business forward.


Free plan?Yes, up to 30 days! Paid plans start at $17.5/month

Pepipost is an alternative platform for email creating and delivering.

The website emphasises the quantatity over the quality. It is essential to make custom emails that drive more clicks but Pepipost puts the number of emails sent first. If you plan to switch from the usual email delivery service, this platform is undoubtedly worth the shot. Besides, you can enjoy the first 30 days for free to see how the platform contributes to your business’s growth.


Free plan?Yes! Plus paid plans that start at $6.67/month

The communication within the team is crucial. To make any marketing strategy work, one must have a fully-fledged team ready to do their best. How do you maintain smooth workflow and get the work done trouble-free? The answer is simple. You need to connect your team members by offering them a better way to communicate.

Slack is an extremely user-friendly messenger that enables you to range your business priorities properly while putting your team members first. A free plan can cover all your needs and give your workflow a better, more effective direction. Give it a try and forget messiness inside the team. Your new motto is “no muss, no fuss”.

Engaging content

No matter how smart your marketing campaign is arranged, no matter how much money you spend on UI/UX, it is the content that plays the greatest role in communication with your target audience. This is the voice behind the brand that speaks to the customer on your behalf. If you wish to sound smart, confident, yet user-friendly, better entrust content strategy to a professional.

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Stacy Nickson has been working as a writer for Expert-Writers. First blog publication was about the problems of primary schools in the USA, which became my full-time occupation ever since, as an education blogger, columnist and journalist. In her free time, she enjoys learning foreign languages and travelling.

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