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Technical SEO Services -
What are the Best On-Page SEO Techniques?

The goal of technical SEO services is to improve the website performance while also enhancing user engagement. If your company spends time, effort, and resources on SEO, you need to get the most bangs for your buck. Whether you run in-house SEO or with the aid of an SEO professional, you must include technical SEO improvements in your approach.

Technical SEO Services

A secure connection, responsive and user-friendly design and less loading time of the website are some of the technical aspects of a website. Technical SEO services refer to the better functioning of these aspects to enhance the website’s ranking at Search Engine Ranking Pages (SERPs). An India SEO Agency can assist you to work on your ON-Page SEO techniques to get a good ranking.

What are the Best On-Page SEO Techniques?

Make use of SSL:

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a safety protocol that establishes an encrypted connection between a web browser and a server. You can tell if a website is utilizing SSL since the URL begins with 'HTTPS://' instead of 'https://'. A survey stated that secure HTTPS websites would be considered beneficial in search results over others. As a result, it makes sense to assure that your website is safe wherever possible — this may be accomplished by placing an SSL certificate on your website, whereas most top website developers now integrate SSL by default.

If your website is mobile-friendly:

A 'responsive' website design adapts effortlessly to any device, making it easy to explore and study. Google makes it obvious that maintaining a responsive website is a highly important ranking indication for its analytics. An adaptable website is now more crucial than ever, thanks to Google's 'mobile-first’ strategy to index information. As a result, it's a good way to ensure your website is responsive and displayed in the best possible way for phone, tablets, and desktop viewers.

Technical SEO Services

Improve the speed of your website:

Page speed is taken as a significant ranking signal by search engines, which prioritize sites that load quickly. You may accelerate up your site in several ways:

  • Make use of quick hosting.
  • By using a DNS (domain name system) supplier that is quick.
  • Reduce the number of 'HTTP requests' by limiting the use of scripts and plugins.
  • Rather than using several CSS stylesheets, use a single CSS stylesheet.
  • As much as feasible, make your picture files as compact as possible.
  • Reduce the size of your web pages.
  • Remove any extra spaces, line spacing, or indentation from your HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Resolve difficulties with duplicating content:

Visitors can be confused by duplicate material, and it can also be exploited to influence search rankings or gain more traffic. As a response, search engines aren't fond of it and recommend that webmasters rectify any identical content concerns they uncover. Limiting your CMS from publishing various versions of a page or post can help you avoid identical content concerns. Using the unique link element to inform search engines about the location of your content's 'main' version.

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Simply turn on AMP.

AMP is a Google-backed initiative that uses special code defined as AMP HTML to speed up the transmission of service on mobile devices. On mobile devices, AMP editions of any web page load exceptionally fast. They accomplish this by reducing the content and code to their minimum essentials, keeping text, photos, and video but eliminating scripts, comments, and forms.


When your site is fully operational, send its XML sitemap to "the Google Search Console and Webmaster Tools" so that they may crawl it and start displaying results from it in search results. Technical SEO services also allow you to monitor your site's overall performance from a search engine standpoint. Join hands with an SEO Company to enjoy these services effortlessly.

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