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The Best Live TV Streaming Service for 2021

With the constant increase in conventional entertainment sources and cheaper alternatives around, live streaming services made their way. Internet getting cheaper, more accessible and everything online getting better, more resourceful and relevant opened more opportunities for all of us. When we talk about OTT services and other alternative options that are now challenging the almost monopoly of services like cable, it’s a win-win situation for both users and creators. How? Live to stream, and all the online services have made our lives easier by giving us the option to watch whenever and wherever.

The price difference between the two may be the crucial factor but the convenience factor is also playing a huge role for many. Some people never thought that cable was charging much, but they never got the time to watch hundreds of channels while unlimited libraries are accessible to them all the time.

Cable companies might sound like the only part that is facing the impact but when it comes to survival, the same cable companies are and will be selling more internet. Just a matter of perspective when we think that OTT or Live streaming services require now more internet to function, that means more data and more consumption and it might even increase. This will result in a spike in income for cable companies that are losing cable customers. However, at the moment, the statistical forecast is not available whether it will cover the losses caused by cord-cutters or not.

We would suggest you have a look at CenturyLink internet deals whether you are a cord-cutter or still avail of cable services, internet is something you would need anyway. Why not invest in an internet service provider that is worth every penny? Now that you have a recommendation and are aware of internet packages.

Let’s see what the best Live Streaming Services for 2021 are in a further read!

1. YouTube TV

YouTube is the winner in the market of providing the best live TV streaming service at an affordable price. The best quality DVR is its highlighting feature. In addition to it, you get unlimited storage with the availability to watch the recordings next nine months. You’ll find that other streaming services offer a trial of around 30 days. It surpasses the cable service because of its features. You have to purchase the subscription at a fixed price, and that's all.

2. Sling TV

Sling holds its value as it is cheaper than YouTube TV, Hulu plus Live TV. You'll find it has fewer local stations, such as you don't have the local ABC stations covered with Sling TV. The local NBC and Fox are also available but in a limited way. Sling Orange and Sling Blue are the two packages that the customers of Sling have to pay each month ($35 per package per month). The Orange package is known for ESPN, and the Blue is for Fox and NBC. Apart from it, you get more channels to watch on Sling TV.

3. Hulu TV

Hulu captures the market because of its on-demand content that it offers. Although it doesn’t match YouTube and Fubo TV in the channel selection, it comes up with exclusive titles that make it unique. Hulu's Cloud DVR displays commercial ads and charges $10 per month from its subscribers who don't want to watch the ads. The price is the same as YouTube, but YouTube is what you can consider a better choice. However, we suggest you do your research and see what is most suitable for you, your pocket, and your household.

4. AT&T TV

The AT&T TV is known as the most expensive streaming service that charges around $70. The $85 package is also available for people who want to watch local NBA or MLB channels. This package is worth buying as it offers more channels than the competitors. If you have a favorite TV channel, make sure that it is present in the channel list of AT&T TV.

5. Yupp TV

Yupp TV is one of the world’s largest internet-based TV and On-demand service provider for South Asian content, offering more than 250+ TV channels, 5000+ Movies and 100+ TV Shows in 14 languages. YuppTV has 25000 hours of entertainment content catalogued in its library, while nearly 2500 hours of new on-demand content is added to the YuppTV platform every day. Making the best use of technology growth and advancement, YuppTV enables its consumers to experience the convenience of virtual home entertainment anytime, anywhere, through multiple screens - Connected TVs, Internet STBs, Smart Blu-Ray Player, PCs, Smart Phones and Tablets.


These were some handful picks from our side, there are much more available. However, not all could be best. If you love live streaming, you might as well not compromise on the quality. Also, that comes down to what internet you have.

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