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How to Craft the Best Instagram
Bios for Businesses?


One of the best platform of the social media is Instagram which engages the users on visual basis. If you have interests regarding making of reciprocal link, you need to be on Instagram and its bio plays a vital role to make a first impression.

By adding an interactive URL in the bio, you are most likely to attract potential customers. Displaying a positive impression of the business using your posts is important for the success on social media network where zillions of users become active daily.

Having a limited space, catching people’s attention on Instagram needs that you create an attractive bio especially on your business profile. The nature of the platform is visual which helps you in promoting your products for various ecommerce stores. Many stores have it actually as their social channel. In fact, to keep bio of company engaging and original is crucial.

Following are the 6 tips to make the best bio of your business profile on Instagram.

1. Create Appropriate CTAs

You can use CTAs in your bio also. It is the highly important portion of your bio.

You can divide into various pages like shopping page, landing page and homepage. Appropriate CTA can direct users to the shopping page of your business.

An exciting digital strategy for marketing, right?

It is recommended highly that business direct their users to their customized landing pages.

2. Use Hashtags in Your Bio

Here is a new feature introduced by Instagram for businesses. It can open up many possibilities for marketers. Using appropriate hashtags in the bio direct the users to the particular campaigns, without even looking for them.

Only by tapping the hashtags in your bio, you can come across the related posts regarding a specific company. Hashtags can do much more than only using UGBC (user-generated content). They make groups of users that have a common taste and goal. Using the right hashtags help you in drawing the audience to link with the brand. It provides them a chance of engaging in the conversations.

3. Offer the Important Company’s Information

The Instagram bio must be the spot where you offer just the significant company’s info. In this restricted space, you must be precise and make sure that you put clear and accurate info. It is where you put the physical location of your company along with its contact numbers.

4. Add Emojis for Showing Personality

It works like a magic to add some visual effects in bio instead of using plain text. For emphasizing on description and showing your business’s personality, you can use emojis.

Putting emojis, however, needs a strategy such that relevant info gets reinforced only. Using emoji mayn’t be for every brand. Again, consider the audience always. Avoid using emoji’s which don’t include value to the bio.

Few of the highly suitable emoji are:

  • For indicating global reach of your business, you can put earth emoji
  • The emoji of heart exhibits love and joy your company wants its customers to acquire as they purchase something.

5. Keep your Bio Short

Keep the length of your bio to 150-character maximum. Include the CTAs within this length. Also, the characters in this length provides you a space of indicating the key info of company like phone number and email.

6. Add New Promotional Offerings

It is where you can use the Instagram bio for promoting your business. It is an excellent way to make value of your bio, isn’t it?

Here’s something more exciting - you can work on it on a continuous basis. In your bio, you can also link up your various upcoming events like support pages or webinar for assisting your customers for getting started.

Wrap up

The Instagram bio must contain the basic details of your company. Never forget this to 150 characters only. Moreover, insert a powerful CTA for linking your company to your shopping page and landing page. Also, you can link your audience to your company’s best selling product.

Spice things up by using emojis for bringing out the personality of your brand. Appropriate hashtags are important also for involving customers in your campaigns.

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