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10 Best HTML5 Players to Use
for Your Video Streaming

Flash Player by Adobe was the industry standard for playing videos online on any browser, but Adobe will be ending the support for the flash player by 31st December 2020. HTML5 has replaced the flash player, and it has now become the new industry standard.

When you think of online video players and online video hosting, the first thing pops up in your mind is YouTube. Although YouTube is a great video hosting platform and it’s free but for your marketing needs, you need a video player that you can customize and that delivers advanced analytics about your customers and how they engage with your content.

In this article, we’ll talk about the ten best HTML5 players that you can use for your video streaming. So, let’s begin!

1. FlowPlayer

FlowPlayer is one of the best and easiest to use the HTML5 player. It is a perfect alternative to convert MP4 or FLV videos to posts and pages. The player allows you to apply your branding and customize the player according to your needs.

Other features of FlowPlayer include slow motion, integration with google analytics, retina-ready, subtitles, keyboard shortcuts, cue points, native full screen, and much more. The player also supports Amazon S3, Flash fallback, and other CDN’s.

2. JWPlayer

JWPlayer is one of the best players that accommodates the support for HTML5. Like any other player, JWPlayer is fully customizable. It comes with everything you need, like a complete suite of HTML5 video controls. JWPlayer offers various themes and plugins that can be integrated easily with popular content management systems such as WordPress.

It comes with an analytics feature, which allows you to see how your video is performing. Other features offered by JWPlayer include schedule ads, video gallery, social media sharing options, password protected sharing, and much more.

3. Adilo Player

Adilo is of the new players in the video hosting industry, and the HTML5 player by Adilo is one of the lightweight, secure, and fastest video players that support 4K videos. The video player is fully customizable and comes with adaptive streaming features. The feature detects the user’s internet speed and plays the video version that suits the internet speed to avoid buffering.

Adilo video player offers tons of features such as analytics, which allows you to see how your videos are performing. The data enables you to upsell your business. Other features offered by Adilo video player include loop videos, promotion of other videos, sell products, capture leads, schedule appointments, insert dynamic ads, and much more.

4. VideoJS

VideoJS is one of the world’s most popular open-source player that supports HTLM5. The player supports traditional formats such as WebM and MP4 and modern adaptive formats such as DASH and HLS. It comes with basic features such as preload and autoplay.

VideoJS is entirely customizable; it allows you to add your branding and view your google analytics from the player. Other features include subtitles, full-screen, and playlist plugin.

5. Muvi

If you’re looking for advanced gesture control HTML5 player, then Muvi is a perfect choice. It is one of the best and the most powerful HTLM5 player that is highly customizable. You can add your branding and deliver a customized experience to your audience. It comes with one player, which means that you can use the single Muvi player for audio and video streaming.

Muvi HTML5 player has cross-device and browser compatibility. Other features of Muvi video player include support for an advanced player, video card, autoplay, playback speed control, watermark, player logo enhancement, buffer duration, video playlist, and subtitle support.

6. Cloudinary Video Player

Cloudinary video player is designed for big businesses and enterprises because it is optimized for high-quality videos and adaptive streaming. You can use multiple Cloudinary video players on the same page with different configurations. The player is completely customizable; you can select your favorite theme, fonts, color schemes, and subtitles & titles display.

It comes with advanced analytics options and gives you real-time insight into videos like how many people are watching your videos when they are watching videos. You can even breakdown the analytics to a particular event like watch duration percentage, pause, start, and much more. Other features include video manipulation, adaptive streaming, video playlist, monetization, and much more.

7. Kaltura Player

Kaltura is a free and open-source HTML5 player that comes with a variety of player skin; you can customize the player to match your website or mobile application. Kaltura video player offers support for multiple platforms such as android, iOS, blackberry, flash, and HTML5.

The player can integrate with almost any analytics tools you’re using, including Google analytics, Nielsen, ComScore, SiteCatalyst, Tremor videos, etc. Kaltura delivers robust performance even when other scripts are active on a webpage.

8. Vimeo Player

Vimeo player is another famous HTML5 player, and you must have heard a lot about it. Like all other HTML5 Vimeo video players, it is easy to customize and add your own colors, logo, and thumbnails. It also allows you to add or remove chaptering, play bar, and speed controls. Moreover, you can keep your work safe and secure with the option of password protection.

The player is perfect for digital marketers because it allows you to gather leads right from the player. You can create the CTA of your choice and upsell your business.


If you’re looking for a simple, customizable, and lightweight HTML5 video player, then Plyr is the best option. Plyr offers support for YouTube and Vimeo videos as well. It smoothly processes large videos and makes things easier for beginners to complete their projects with ease.

The features of the Plyr video player include support for video and audio streaming, VTT captions and screen readers, a variety of customization options, and a responsive player that can fit the screen of any device.

10. jPlayer

jPlayer is an open-source player that is written in javascript; it is free and allows quick multi-platform audio and video integration with a jQuery plugin. Using HTML and CSS, you can customize the player according to your requirements.

The player supports all the major platforms and web-browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari, Opera, iOS, Android, and Blackberry. It comes with comprehensive documentation, and most importantly, the player is easy to install.

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