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7 Best Health Podcasts to Listen to This Year

It’s difficult to find time for self-care, let alone remain on top of the newest health and fitness trends when juggling hectic schedules and managing friends and family. 

Health podcasts, fortunately, are a multitasker’s best friend. 

Podcasts are already pretty popular, and within the already thriving medium, health and fitness pods are growing in popularity. 

You can download these popular pods from The PirateBay, and once you understand which podcasts are growing to be more popular, you can start listening to them to have a fresh perspective on life, love, and health. 

1: Let It Out—Katie Dalebout

Let It Out is one of our favorites on this list, which is why it has ranked at the top. 

Each week, presenter Katie Dalebout chats with top personalities in the wellness industry and discusses her personal experience with attempting to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

You can hear yoga instructor Jessamyn Stanley talking about body acceptance, spiritual entrepreneur Gabby Bernstein talking about mentality, and gluten-free chef Phoebe Lapine talking about her Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis experience.

2: Make Some Noise—Andrea Owen 

Andrea Owen is one of the best self-help authors in the world, so you can imagine how her podcast will turn out. 

Andrea is like your elder sister, who offers genuine advice on how to live your best life, with a focus on inner beauty, perfectionism, bravery, and more. 

The podcast is aimed exclusively at women, and it aims to interrupt the negative patterns we are all too familiar with. You can stop spending money on your counselor and simply start listening to this podcast to deal with your mental health issues.

3: Expanded—Lacy Phillips

More than health, this one is a spiritual podcast, and you'll realize why we are saying that after listening. 

Lacy Phillips uses psychology, neuroscience, energetics, epigenetics, and a touch of spirituality to assist her audience to construct their ideal lives. 

The program features various manifestation specialists and thought leaders, as well as strategies for opening your mind and heart to the manifestation process. This audio is extremely helpful to give you the morning rush that enthuses you to go out and live your day on an optimistic note.

4: The TED Health

The TED podcast is like a TED talk where you can hear the opinions of various people on one issue. 

The podcast covers a wide range of issues, from Alzheimer’s disease to Insomnia. 

The best part about this pod is it considers each health issue from a scientific perspective. So, if you are interested in exploring the science behind health, pay close attention to TED Health!

5: The Overwhelmed Brain—Paul Colaianni

It’s difficult not to feel overwhelmed with all your daily chores, but if you hear to this podcast hosted by Paul Colaianni, you can begin your self-development journey sooner, and all by yourself.

Isn’t that amazing?

Of course, it is.

So, listen to this podcast daily because it teaches listeners how to empower themselves with compassion, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence to get to the bottom of issues, allowing them to start a better life.

6: The Lavendaire Lifestyle—Aileen Xu

The Lavendaire Lifestyle is a weekly podcast where Xu discusses health routines, self-love, and inspiration, frequently with the help of informed guests and experts.

You’ll be encouraged to organize your life after listening to this podcast.


It includes guided meditation sessions and in-depth discussions on compassionate living, taking responsibility for your own lives, setting boundaries with others, and dealing with your mental health issues.

7: Spiraling—Katie Dalebout & Serena Wolf

Once you start listening to this pod, you will feel two friends discussing their deep-seated concerns on anxiety issues of everyday life. 

The best part is that they talk about how to deal with anxiety in a casual manner that seems approachable to everyone. 

They discuss their personal de-stressing practices as well as those taught to them by their therapists. 

Each episode can make you feel like You Are Not Alone in this journey, which solves half of your anxiety issues.

Start Tuning To The Pods!

As we have already stated before, podcasts have increasing popularity among the millennials, and since so many people are being upfront about their mental health issues, it’s time we take a different approach to solve them.

Once you start listening to these podcasts, you will feel like embracing life with open arms and open hearts.

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