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Best Possible Growth Apps Of 2020


For many people, 2020 hasn’t seen us physically embarking on their journey of discovery. A good broadband connection has been essential to take your journey of personal growth online. There are many excellent personal growth apps available, from apps to cultivate mindfulness to platforms for developing organizational skills. Here are our top five personal growth apps of 2020 and why you should use them.

Forest: An App To Get You Away From Apps

Forest is an app that encourages you to focus by taking time away from your screen. With US teens spending an average of 7 hours a day on a screen, this app is more important now than ever before. Forest is an app that encourages you to plant trees, which then grow while you’re away from your phone. The trees only grow if you leave the app running, helping you spend time away from your device to let your greenery bloom. 

Asana: Get Organized

Asana is traditionally used as a tool for cross-company working, but as an individual, it allows you to easily view personal projects and tasks, and track your progress. You can use it to monitor everything from your expenses to your progress when completing specific courses or activities. You can treat it like a calendar, and when responsibilities change, you can move these to another day or week. You can also treat it like a breakdown of project tasks you can tick off once completed for added satisfaction.

Insight Timer: Relax Your Mind

There are many apps on the market for mediation today, but Insight Timer is ahead of its competitors, with over 45,000 free meditations available to calm your mind. You can speak to a community of like-minded people, join a seven-day mediation course, and filter by class subject, all for no added cost. If you struggle to focus on longer mediations, they have five-minute classes, covering all imaginable subject areas from relationships to resilience.

Memrise: Develop Your Focus

To some extent, we’ve all encountered that underlying level of anxiety and low-concentration associated with 2020, but in 2019, we also suffered from poor focus. A 2019 study on employee focus revealed that over 80% of individuals struggle to concentrate for even a 45-minute meeting. Enter Memrise, the app that helps you develop your focus. Memrise is on hand to help you memorize languages, the periodic table, or country names in digestible chunks using different techniques. It helps you build-up knowledge over time in realistic portions to improve your focus overall.


GoodReads: Get Into A Good Read

Are you trying to get into good reading habits? GoodReads allows you to compile lists of books and peruse reader reviews in one convenient app. It also allows you to set yourself achievable reading challenges over several years, that you can flip back through to chart your progress easily. After some time using the app, it starts to make suggestions for you, so you can see similar books that might pique your interest.

Troop Messenger: Improves your team communication

Unlock the unique features of team collaboration to improve the work productivity of your team members with Troop Messenger. A simple to subscribe internal work communication application connects people with a different range of messaging abilities, calling and conferencing features, and remote screen sharing and controlling. The user/group chat area can be quickly refined for images, videos, text files, URLs, etc. with the help of advanced data filters. Also, the application is quite affordable for all team sizes. One can try its 7-day free trial to explore the features of the Enterprise edition.

Just because 2020 has not been the year we’ve anticipated, doesn’t mean we can’t embark on a personal journey and stay connected with a decent broadband connection. We hope these apps will help you enhance your personal growth journey into the rest of 2020 and beyond.

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