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Best Education Tools to Use in 2021

Technology is evolving at lightning speed, and we are all excited observers and users of the fruits it has to offer. Students can also become beneficiaries of the rapid technological progress, with tons of apps and innovations emerging day by day to make their lives and study simpler. Whether you need to conduct research quickly or complete that vital research paper, technology can now become your trusted assistant.

Here are some useful technologies every student should consider as an educational aid of the future.

1. Evernote

The organization of information is probably the most significant problem for all students.

You have to deal with tons of data every day, coping with numerous assignments, and needing to structure bits of information for every subject and project. Evernote helps make the structuring process more manageable; this smart organizer has all the tools necessary for people bombarded with data. Evernote facilitates notetaking and idea-sharing, making the process of research easier and more productive. Besides, the app makes it simple to share your notes and ideas with others, which is exceptionally useful for project work. You can utilize data in numerous formats ranging from visuals to PDFs and text.

So, don't waste your time doing double work; store all the fruits of your labor in one organized and easily manageable storage.

2. Zoom

Video conferencing and video-assisted education have become the trends of the day with the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Research proves that with videos, students comprehend data better than with text-only educational materials. Besides, at the time of global isolation and social distancing, having a warm, human discussion of the new topic with your tutor and classmates may become a highly motivating educational experience. Zoom's bonus is high-quality video, the ability to record classes and transcriptions, and the polling and multi-sharing features distinguishing Zoom from other popular video conferencing tools.

3. Microsoft PowerPoint

Though the inclusion of PowerPoint in the list of innovative technology may seem trivial, there is still much potential about this app that few students know. Microsoft developers enrich PowerPoint with new tools every year, making it look modern and serve versatile goals of all kinds of users. Now you can insert images, experiment with fonts, and even include animated 3D objects into slides to make your presentation more impactful.

Thus, with over 35 years of a flawless track record, Microsoft PowerPoint still has much to offer as educational technology.

4. Blockchain-Powered MOOCs

Blockchain is the buzzword today, mainly because of its broad applicability and the innovative edge of security, user control, and transparency it brings.

Though blockchain apps have found their way in finance, banking, and cybersecurity, education can also reap some benefits of blockchain use. One of the implementation options is that of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), giving both universal user access and data/user security. Other blockchain uses are verifiable ePortfolios for students, new safer options for eLearning agencies to publish and share copyright-protected educational materials, and more rigorous data encryption on the educational platforms storing sensitive user data.

5. Smart AI Assistance

Artificial intelligence is also making its way into the educational sector due to its vast potential in user experience improvement and educational individualization.

AI systems can automate grading, thus relieving some burden from the teachers and simplifying some educational processes. Second, AI tutors are an evolving trend, with AI assistants and chatbots being widely used in many spheres. Such AI tutors can monitor student progress, answer some basic questions, and issue alerts to teachers once their attention is required.

Use the technologies mentioned above, and you'll see how studying gets easier day by day. But if you still face strangulating deadlines and need some quick and bulletproof solutions, click this site to get competent help. Experts are on standby to assist you with any subject or academic assignment; hurry up to use your chance for getting better grades hassle-free.

About the author:

Nicole Henry is an IT PM (in the past) and freelance journalist. He is the guru to hundreds of students, the author of hundreds of analysis studies, and the voice behind most liked articles on content creation and strategy at EssayHelper.

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