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7 Best Digital Marketing Tools That
Will Make Your Life Easier

Best Digital Marketing Tools

In this world of Internet marketing, new digital marketing tools and platforms are constantly being born that aim to facilitate daily activities, enhance good results and give brands greater visibility with their target audience.

The tools, if used properly, can be the best allies of your strategy and can show you metrics and data that you did not consider before.

Here we present 7 Digital Marketing tools that will make your life easier...

Google Drawings

You may be considering running many campaigns for your brand. All of them start with a plan: a plan that details all the activities involved, the strategies to be executed, the potential challenges, the deadlines, the necessary resources, and the budget.

Traditionally, project planning is done on a whiteboard or notebook. In the virtualized world we are experiencing, this makes sharing ideas a bit more difficult.


After planning your project, comes execution, where a project management tool plays an important role. In digital marketing, good communication between teams and transparency are crucial. Therefore, Trello is a great ally.

Trello helps us to work efficiently: it facilitates organization and communication between the team, allows everyone involved to be aligned, keeps track of work and project status, and understands workflow, processes, and more.

Google analytics

If we have learned anything, it is that predicting the future is very difficult. However, predictive analytics tools make it possible to predict the outcome of marketing campaigns. While predictive analytics is an advanced topic, one tool that can enable it is Google Analytics.

Progressively, physical stores have migrated to online mode, which requires the need to establish ROI using digital analysis tools such as Google Analytics to obtain information and keep up with digital marketing trends.

Google Analytics allows you to understand customer preferences and obtain information on how to create better user experiences.

By applying Google's advanced machine learning models, the new Analytics can automatically alert you to significant trends in your data, such as products experiencing increased demand due to new customer needs.


This is the ideal tool for lead capture and email marketing.

On average, only 1.84% to 5.31% of website visitors convert. It is imperative to find ways to convert the other 95% of visitors who leave the page.

Email marketing plays a critical role in helping nurture your visitors and push them toward conversion. Capturing leads is the first step in making it possible.

SendFox is a good email marketing tool, the perfect combination of simplicity and affordability. The tool allows you to capture potential customers; create, schedule, and automate unlimited personalized emails.


The landing pages play an important role in the success of any advertising campaign or email.

If your page has a high bounce rate and a low lead generation rate, then you are probably missing out on great growth opportunities.

The audience can bounce for several reasons: the page has too much or too little information or it probably lacks relevant information that the public was looking for.

Unbounce is an easy-to-use tool that will help you create landing pages even if you don't know how to code.

Unbounce allows you to increase conversions with landing pages and conversion marketing platforms and also integrates seamlessly with analytics, CRM, and email platforms.

Unbounce is free for the first 14 days; then you can choose between plans starting at $ 80 per month, depending on your needs.

HubSpot CRM

One of the most important factors in successful Marketing strategies is customer relationship management.

Establishing a relationship with your customers creates loyalty and guarantees retention. CRM strategy can also be implemented to help convert potential leads to customers.

Hubspot is a comprehensive inbound marketing and CRM platform that helps you achieve your business goal across the funnel and also build customer loyalty.


A good call to action or CTA is key to maximizing the success of your digital marketing strategy.

The good thing about the platform is that you are unlikely to need technical help to set it up. It's very easy to create multiple remarketing campaigns and compare their performance.

These tools can help you make that dream come true: see your brand fly and establish successful relationships with your customers.

To use them in the best way and take true advantage of everything they can offer you, you can count on a team of experts in digital marketing, web design, content, and digital guidelines to guide you and guarantee the best result.

Author Bio:

Muhammad Saad is a digital marketing expert currently working in exytex technologies, I love to post blogs with valuable content. My expertise is in Digital marketing and growth.

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