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Best Apps To Have With Your Amazon Firestick

Amazon Firestick is one of the best innovations that came out in the entertainment gadget industry. The device has been gaining huge popularity worldwide, ever since its launch. This is because of its best entertainment service at the cheapest cost. Also, the ability of the firestick to transform your normal TV into a smart TV is giving the device a great competitive edge and is enabling people having the fun and facility of smart TV within their budgets. Now, firestick is the platform that supports some of the best apps that give you a plethora of entertainment options. Some of the best apps compatible with firestick are:


The app Kodi and firesticks are something that goes on hand in hand. Kodi is one such application that gives you access to almost any of your favorite content. It also provides several add-ons that you can download and enjoy offline. The best thing about Kodi is that it is free to use.


You cannot skip Netflix while talking about modern day entertainment. Even though it involves a paid service, Netflix provides some of the best and top-rated content that is featured in the world. Netflix service’s one of the best aspects is that it provides for the older “classic’ shows that were once featured in the mainstream media channels fulfilling your nostalgic appetite.

BBC iPlayer

For ardent British entertainment fans, BBC iPlayer is an app that is the most suitable choice for you. The BBC iPlayer gives you access to all the quality and classic British content that you can think of. Also, the app is completely free of cost. The only drawback is that its content is exclusive to residents of Britain only.


There are a lot of entertainment genres out there but there has always been a separate stand for the quality of Asian Entertainment and Japanese Anime. Crunchyroll is a firestick application that has more than a range of 25000 episodes of various anime shows available on it. The episodes though broadcasted in Japanese are available in varied translations. The app involves a paid service but you can enjoy a free 14-day trial to form a decision regarding the purchase of a subscription.


This is one of the best entertainment service apps provided by the entertainment giant Sony entertainment. You can watch both TV Shows and movies over here. One of the best features of this app is that it allows you to have parental control over the content watched by your children. This helps in safeguarding them from exposure to any sort of adult or violent content. This service will require you to have an account on the crackle platform.

Pluto TV

For the audience that loves and prefers live content over other options, this firestick app is a boon. Pluto TV is a firestick app that allows you access to live shows and events completely free of cost. Another great feature is that it adds a new hit movie to its list every week. To know more about firestick apps, you can visit

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