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Best AI Software in 2021

Artificial intelligence empowers us to design smart systems. They are used both in factories and workplaces and in our homes. Such systems can perform a variety of tasks, from analyzing data to turning lights on and off in your home. AI makes it much easier to collect data from various portals. In addition, different algorithms can be applied to the data obtained, which makes it possible to get the data in the form in which we need. This function is necessary for the correct operation of many programs and applications, including agriculture software

Every recommendation you get on the Internet is based on the purchased and viewed products. The same applies to films and music. All of this is also a possibility due to AI. When you visit a site that sells goods or services, you may want to get advice or clarify the availability of goods, sizes, and other parameters. You will go to the pop-up chat window, where all your questions will be answered by a bot that also exists due to artificial intelligence. 

Agriculture AI software

Farmers today have up-to-date and reliable sources of information, including satellite data, moisture sensor readings, ground-based weather stations, and more. New monitoring and control systems are constantly appearing on the market. They offer individual, more accurate analysis and forecasting. Artificial intelligence in agriculture is used to summarize, analyze and process data from various monitoring tools, and issue recommendations.

EOS Crop Monitoring 

EOS Crop Monitoring is a multifunctional precision farming tool that helps you improve farm management and make effective decisions at any stage of crop cultivation. The platform uses satellite data that are analyzed and processed by algorithms. High-resolution satellite images are used as a data source. Users observe their fields from a bird's eye view and are notified of any changes in crop conditions. Farmers receive the most accurate information about crop development due to the algorithm created to determine five vegetation indices throughout the season.

VRA approach implementation with its zoning feature makes it possible to create maps of productivity and vegetation. Using these maps, farmers can track their most productive areas, distribute seeds and fertilizer based on this data, and plan fieldwork more efficiently.

A reliable 14-day weather forecast will also help you create an effective fieldwork plan. Users are notified of impending potential threats (cold stress, heat stress, drought) so that they have a chance to take early care of crop protection. By analyzing the archive of weather data since 2008, farmers also discover previously unknown climatic patterns, which also helps make better decisions.

Azure AI Platform

Microsoft's Azure AI Platform is a platform that allows you to develop applications that can analyze images, make predictions from data, and understand speech. The custom audience of software consists of machine learning engineers, application developers, and data scientists. A secure network has been created for the operation of AI applications, in which developers can quickly scale them in their infrastructure. Azure AI Platform features include machine learning, custom services, custom bots, and mining. To help improve AI performance in Microsoft 365 apps, the company also offers an assistant, Cortana.

Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is a feature-rich, AI-driven CRM system. It is designed specifically for enterprises and covers various business needs, including sales, analytics, commerce, and marketing. The key features of this smart application are the automatic saving of customer contacts, which eliminates the need for employees to enter everything manually and provide personalized service to each customer. Salesforce Einstein also helps measure engagement, provides real-time sales opportunity data, and helps prioritize historical data.The system offers different packages for companies of various sizes and needs. Before choosing a suitable plan, you can take advantage of a free trial period.


This application can significantly facilitate the life of employees when it comes to finding files in the archives of the company, for example. Artificial intelligence will help cope with this task, no matter what challenge it is, and make the necessary information available. Enter the name of the file or words that it probably contains, and the Butter will find the corresponding file.

So it is possible in a short time to find any document in whatever wilds the file would not be stored instead of going through everything manually. You can even search for Slack files. 

The application is paid, but you can use a trial period of two weeks before purchasing it. During this time, you will have time to evaluate the effectiveness of this tool and understand if it is necessary.

Common features of AI software

AI software is used in a wide variety of systems. With artificial intelligence software, you can improve productivity and relieve employees of tedious, repetitive tasks. Plus, AI will provide you with enhanced analytics and pattern recognition.

AI software automates the data acquisition process. At the same time, these systems process large amounts of data, on which people would have to spend much more valuable time. AI takes data from multiple sources and prepares it for machine learning.

AI can quickly adapt to its environment with machine learning. Such systems analyze their own actions and make improvements based on the data of this analysis. In addition, the actions of AI are forward-looking, as systems look for an efficient way to solve a problem and make predictions several steps ahead.

Another helpful feature of AI software is the ability to process multiple data sources at the same time. Innovative technologies used by artificial intelligence, such as distributed systems, help adapt and respond quickly and accept data, choosing the best path to achieve goals. 

The more you use AI software, the better it works for you, as these systems are constantly improving themselves thanks to the received data. Such programs can be multitasking and help humans in the kind of work that drives us crazy with its monotony. They allow the business to get more productive and happy employees, leave some tedious but still crucial tasks to the software, and forget about the human factor.

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