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Benefits of Modern Digital Printing
Over Offset Printing Methods

Digital printers were considered high cost-per-page pieces of equipment in the past that could produce small runs of collateral on limited formats. It is one of the significant reasons, that most of the print shops, mailing houses as well as marketing departments are still using offset printing presses. These printers are capable to deliver quality results that are more cost-effective than digital printers for high-volume jobs. However, innovations in printing technologies have resulted in modern digital printers. These machines are capable to do everything that a traditional offset printing press do. Here are some significant benefits of modern digital printing systems as compared to some traditional offset printing presses:

Compact Design

It is fascinating to know that the modern screen-printing machines are designed to be quiet as well as space-efficient with a small footprint. In this way, these machines can be installed in almost office environment. On the other hand, offset printers are large and loud machines along with multiple offset press stations that make more noise. These machines deal more space as well as they must be placed in a back room or a separate facility.


Innovations in have resulted in several improvements to the modern digital printer. However, one of the most appreciated features is their multifunctional abilities. It is fascinating to know that an order of customized envelopes, letterheads as well as business cards can be produced from one device. It seems like a full-service print shop.

digital printing

Quicker Turnaround

There is a great need to know that batches of business cards, thank you notes as well as invitations can be printed quickly on an offset printing press. However, it takes a long time in order to set up. Digital printers are always ready to produce short-run jobs faster than offset. If the requirement is in black and white or full Colour, deliver a faster turnaround time.

Faster Throughput

As we know that offset printing presses use printing plates as well as wet ink, the prints that needs time to dry before the finishing processes take place. on the flip side, digital printers are capable to produce dry stock, stapled, ready to be folded, as well as inserted into envelopes.

Variable Data

Offset printing means that you had one hard copy from which you made multiple, identical copies. If we talk about digital printing, it is surprising to know that changing information within a single print job is quite easy. In this process, the output is sent directly from electronic files that means that infinite variable data adjustments are possible. Along with this, targeted collateral can be customized on-the-fly.


Personalization is considered as a key factor in today’s fast-paced and egocentric world. Bear in mind that there is not a more cost-effective way in order to produce short-run and customized print jobs than digital. Most importantly, more and more print shops know that if they exceed 5,000 units, the offset press make more financial sense.

Easy to Use

It is essential to know that offset printing presses are complicated machines. these machines required skilled professionals to operate. There are also ink tanks to be filled, rubber rollers to maintain, as well as printing plates to be cleaned and much more. However, digital printing machines make our life so easier. There is no need of special skills in order to operate. Moreover, changing consumables is a simple task that most office staff can do.

Environmentally Safe

Offset printing is messy because inks need to be mixed as well as printing plates also need to be washed by using toxic detergents. On the flip side, digital printers never use heat and pressure in order to fuse the toner into the paper. In this process, toner is transferred to the medium. After that, it is fused using heat that means there is no mixing of inks. Digital printing makes no mess that means no harmful chemical is needed for cleanup.

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