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What Are the Main Benefits of Digital Mailroom?

Digital Mailroom?

A digital mailroom can bring various benefits to your business, as it’s a great way to take your operations to the next level, get rid of any inefficiencies, and reduce hidden costs. What is a digital mailroom and how can digital transformation help your company? Keep reading!

What is a digital mailroom?

A Digital mailroom is a technologically advanced solution that automates correspondence in your company. It’s a modern and efficient alternative to traditional paper mail and physical assets that makes it possible to decrease response time, generate savings, and increase the security of your internal processes.

How does it work? Mail and documents addressed to specific persons or departments are digitized, and ingested with scanning technologies. Once ingested, digitized assets are encrypted and routed to correct recipients with automatic automation. Workflows then push digital assets to downstream systems of record.

It is easy to think that digital mail only serves an enterprise level organization, though with complete customization and scalability, Eco-Mail’s digital mailroom can serve any business with mail, across any vertical. There is great flexibility in where and how the solution can be deployed and operated within your organization.

A digital mailroom helps companies, customers, and individuals communicate effectively, and efficiently. It significantly facilitates remote work and increases satisfaction of customers who can get responses from institutions faster, without having to wait till paper mail is delivered to their door.

The main benefits of a digital mailroom

A digital mailroom brings various benefits to a business. The most important advantages of this technology include:

  • lower operational costs and greater efficiency of your team - paper mail and physical content processing is highly inefficient. Before a traditional letter is delivered to the addressee, it needs to be picked up, sorted, transported, and delivered. This process is bothtime-consuming and expensive. By utilizing a digital mailroom, you can significantly optimize the entire process.
  • valuable insights and improved key performance indicators - thanks to storing all the correspondence in an intuitive tool that can be integrated with your in-house systems, you’re able to easily keep an eye on the processes in your company. This allows you to set key performance indicators (such as the mailroom to customer turn-around time) and monitor them to see how long specific activities take. This will help you make wiser business decisions.
  • greater security - when using a digital mailroom, you can decide who gets access to specific documents. With automatic audit trails, there is complete transparency in who has seen, taken action upon and distributed assets. It’s an extremely safe solution that gives you great control over documentation.
  • comfortable work - this is particularly important because of the growing popularity of remote work. With a digital mailroom, employees can access documents from any location, they don’t have to go to the office to pick up their mail, or ask the sender to send documents to a different address.

The takeaway

If you’re looking for a simple and quick way to boost the efficiency of your team and get better control of inbound and outbound mail within your organization, a digital mailroom is the right fit for you.

What Are Digital Mail Services and How Can They Benefit Your Organization?

Have you ever heard about digital mail services? They’re a simple and effective way to automate inbound and outbound mail within your company while reducing operational costs and increasing security of sensitive information. What is a digital mail service and how does it work? Why is it worth investing in this solution? Keep reading our article to discover answers to these and other questions!

Digital mail services - what are they?

In a nutshell, digital mail services are about automating inbound correspondence within your company. Enterprise digital mailroom software enables a range of benefits including: complete customization, enhanced security, cost savings, greater efficiency and control. The entire digitalization process is possible thanks to high quality, intelligent software that processes information and distributes mail to the right addressees.

Digital mail services are ideal for all entities looking for a simple and quick recipe to streamline in-house processes, reduce the time needed to respond to customers, facilitate remote work, and increase the security of sent and received documents.

Contrary to what you may think, digital mail services aren’t dedicated solely to huge international corporations that handle thousands of paper mails every day. They’ll also support:

  • smaller organizations and businesses that want to increase their efficiency,
  • all financial institutions that want to boost their customer satisfaction, and respond quicker,
  • organizations across any vertical ranging from education, to non-pro
  • companies that employ remote workers,
  • organizations looking to drive greater digital transformation

Why is a digital mail service better than traditional correspondence? Top benefits

There are many reasons why traditional paper mail doesn’t serve its purpose anymore. Physical mail creates huge inefficiencies within your business, slowing down process improvement, customer service outcomes and creating gaps in security making compliance processes even more complicated.

What are the main benefits of a digital mail service, when compared to the traditional form?

  • It allows companies to save money by making content processing more efficient. Traditional correspondence is time-consuming and expensive. By utilizing a digital mailroom, organizations eliminate transportation costs and manual sorting fees. Thanks to digital mail services, addressees can quickly receive needed documents, and more securely
  • It provides company administrators with valuable information By digitizing your internal processes, and creating greater efficiencies your organization is able to make key KPI’s. In the case of paper mail, it’s hard to keep track of various processes. However, with digital mail services business owners can easily check how much time their employees need to complete given tasks, resolve customer complaints, and so on. Thanks to it, entrepreneurs and managers can make informed decisions and determine areas for improvement.
  • It’s a safe and comfortable solution - digital mail services are ideal for all companies that handle sensitive information. As a company owner or project manager, you decide who can access a given piece of information. This helps to prevent situations when important correspondence falls into the wrong hands.

The takeaway

High quality digital mail services are a solution that will certainly continue to outdo traditional paper mail. They’re secure, intuitive, convenient, cost-effective, and efficient. If you want to gain a competitive advantage over your market rivals, digital transformation of your correspondence can help you do it.

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