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5 Big Benefits of Creating a
Wikipedia Page for Your Business

Wikipedia Page

With over 18 billion page views a month, Wikipedia is one of the internet's most titanic websites. This online encyclopedia has provided the backbone to so many essays, blog posts, and articles that the entire education and media industries might fall into disarray if it ever vanished.

And yet, despite its immense importance and size, very few businesses ever consider the importance of creating a Wikipedia page.

That's a big mistake. Having a Wikipedia page for your business can pay dividends in ways you never even imagined.

How, you ask? Great question. Keep reading for the top 5 benefits that Wikipedia can bring to your business.

1. A Question of Credibility

A key criterion that Wikipedia uses to judge whether an article belongs on its site is 'notability'. Ergo, if your business is notable (which, of course, it is) it belongs on Wikipedia!

Notability means credibility; it suggests your business has been around for years and knows what it's doing. If customers Google your company and see a business Wikipedia page, it communicates credibility.

2. Keeping Visible

Another key bonus of a Wikipedia business page is visibility. Just having a Wikipedia page for your business is enough to boost your SEO ranking on Google in lots of cases. Besides, Wikipedia pages are often the top-ranked search result for any search; you want your business right there!

3. Drive Those Sales Up

This is kind of a follow-on from the first two benefits. People Googling things related to your company stumble across your Wikipedia page (which verifies your credibility) and follow the links therein to your business. By creating a Wikipedia page for your business, you create another potential customer journey for your clients!

4. You Don’t Have to Do It Alone

Creating a Wikipedia page for your business is more complicated than it sounds. You can't just register an editor account and write an article. You need clout and respect among the Wikipedia community before you can just draw up whole new articles willy-nilly.

Luckily, there are experts out there who specialize in Wikipedia business pages. You can enlist the aid of people like The Mather Group, LLC to get their help in getting your brand on the world's encyclopedia.

5. It Doesn't End at One

Having a business Wikipedia page is great, but even better is having multiple articles that touch on the services you provide. By establishing your business as a reliable source, you can link yourself into multiple articles that pertain to your field. That's obviously great for both credibility and SEO!

Creating a Wikipedia Page for Your Business Doesn't Have to Be Hard

So there you go, our 5 top benefits when it comes to creating a Wikipedia page to promote your business. Back in the day, people didn't really think of encyclopedias as avenues for self-promotion, but this is the 21st century: you need to be everywhere!

So get editing!

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