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How Does an Automated Biometric Identification System Work?

Biometric Identification System

An automated biometric identification system is a search solution that helps organizations to compare a sample to a database of varying samples with numerous templates in a one-to-many comparison. An ABIS enables the comparison of a single live sample to a huge number of stored biometric templates to locate and identify a record of a given person and verify identification.

The solution was designed for national-scale projects such as biometric voter registration with records deduplication, border control, and passport issuing, as well as other criminal or civil ABIS/AFIS.

Different modalities of ABIS are available, with the automated fingerprint identification system (AFIS) being the most common one. Similar to fingerprints, organizations can also use vein, face, iris, voice, and palm identification software as common modalities. A single organization can use multiple biometric modalities to identify and verify individuals.

How an Automated Biometric Identification System Works

An automated biometric identification system (ABIS) evaluates an individual's biometric traits, including iris, face, voice, palm and fingerprint, available in a database. These traits are popularly known as biometric templates.

Every individual's iris, face, voice, palm and fingerprint are unique, allowing biometric markers to be associated with a specific person. A comprehensive biometric search identifies and compares the physical characteristics to those of stored templates using hybrid algorithms.

The sample obtained by the algorithms has to be registered in the database using scanners. Different biometric gadgets are available to capture the biometrics data depending on the type of modality.

The ABIS uses off-the-shelf cameras for ICAO-compliant facial photo capture. Assessment of quality can be used for the biometric data quality evaluation based on proprietary and standard algorithms. Also, support for document scanning and signature pads is available. When it comes to questionable and complex biometric operations, the ABIS solution solves them using the adjudication method.

Proprietary algorithms guarantee fast and accurate matching. They can perform a maximum of 1.2 billion comparisons in a single second on every system node. The module is designed for law enforcement applications and offers specific functionalities, including tattoo image recognition, facial anatomy attributes evaluation, hand-drawn facial composition to accurate face photo conversion, and talent fingerprints processing.

The identification process includes two techniques which include:

A One-To-Many Matching

A one-to-many matching identification software compares an individual’s enrolled biometric template to other recorded templates in the system. The credentials of a person’s biometric identifications are needed.

A one-to-many matching identification type is the only spot-on deduplication method. Once an individual registers, one-to-many biometric matching systems make sure that it isn’t possible to create a duplicate user record.

A One-to-One Matching

A one-to-one biometric identification matching system authenticates an individual’s identity by verifying a recorded and stored biometric template to a huge number of database templates.

Prior to comparing a stored template to a real-time scan, the user performing the match needs to input identifiable credentials like gender, date of birth, ID, and name before the comparison occurs.

As a result, identifiable credentials share the same characteristics with a specific registration template in the database. In simple terms, a one-to-one matching technique simply confirms an individual’s identity by authenticating who they claim to be.

Numerous ABIS software use cases are available in both the private and public sectors. They include criminal and civil ABIS for the public sector and healthcare and enterprise ABIS for the private sector. When looking for ABIS software, be sure to partner with a reliable and trusted provider with a proven track record.

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