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Auto Taxi Dispatch System

With this ongoing upgraded technological world, the benefits have hit all kinds of businesses, starting from small to large-scale setup. The business of taxis is one among many such businesses that are rising. The days when the taxi drivers were dependent on the taxi agents for getting passengers has almost vanished.

On demand taxi booking app development has shifted the entire process to a driver application on smartphones. Furthermore, the introduction of the taxi driver app, also known as the taxi driver dispatch app, has marked a significant change in the transportation industry. Its effective features have helped the whole taxi business to expand with respect to the all-in-one operating system.

The idea of an online taxi booking app has been introduced in the market. It enhances the source of allocating jobs to the taxi drivers. In this application, both the customers and the drivers are linked with the route of traveling from one place to another. 

Advantages of an Auto Taxi Dispatch System in a Taxi Booking App

With the growing booking flexibility and people's preference for going cashless, the demand for mobile applications took a speed to enhance transportation service. A taxi dispatch system functions to ease the customers to book a taxi. It is depended on by all the taxi drivers for its increased productivity, automated operations, cost-efficiency, customer satisfaction, and brand awareness.

  • Increases Booking
    The operative quality of the taxi booking app will consequently promote the number of bookings. The recommendation of the real-time location of the taxis available through the GPS location-based mapping and routing influence people to go for online bookings. Thus, this enhances the occupancy rate of the customers to a great extension.
  • Increases Visibility
    Using a mobile application to book a cab has become easy and convenient for the customers. It works effectively to get rid of the activity of calling the booking company and waiting for the driver to show up. With the help of on demand taxi booking app development, customers can easily book cabs and track the driver's location in real-time.

    Therefore, the taxi dispatch system helps to get connected to a large population, enabling the benefits of gaining visibility.

  • Real-Time Feedback
    The taxi app promotes a built-in feedback feature, which supports the customer to provide feedback on the services they experience. Feedback permits to locate the areas where the driver's performance was well and the areas where improvement is required. Hence, it would be said that customer feedback and customer satisfaction go side by side.
  • Increases Profit
    The taxi dispatch system brings more business which ultimately gives rise to profits. The usage of other taxi aggregator apps might mislead by decreasing the portion of the earnings via paying commissions. With the help of an online taxi booking app, the commission costs get reduced, which gives rise in the profit margins.
  • Monitor Driver Performance
    The taxi business owners look on to the performance of their drivers. Bad driving behavior can turn down the revenue and the business. Therefore, taxi apps allow the owners to monitor their driver's performance in relation to speed driving, fuel consumption, rough braking, and break times. Further, analyzing these will assist in training the drivers accordingly.
  • Promote Brand Awareness
    The key ingredient for growth in any business is brand awareness. As mentioned before, a taxi dispatch system boosts visibility, which aids to put the taxi business in the spotlight in front of larger audiences. Furthermore, with the help of effective and user-friendly on demand taxi booking app development, it becomes easier for the customers to eliminate the approach of transportation. Hence, the chances of recognition and awareness increase.
  • Real-time Location Tracking
    A Taxi Dispatch System permits the rider to track the location of the driver in real-time. Besides, the driver can also comply with the location of the rider. Furthermore, the driver can consider taking the shortest route possible and effectively reducing fuel consumption. In addition, when the driver is able to pick the customer on time, it enhances customer satisfaction.
  • Customer Satisfaction
    The online taxi booking app aims to provide quick and quality services for customers. It assists in eliminating the long-time wait of the customer by providing the nearest available taxi. This leaves no doubt that the customer is happy and satisfied by the easy and quick booking services.

Advantage for Passengers

On demand taxi booking app development is quite a helpful application for the passengers as they can reserve taxis with just a few clicks. Besides, this booking system has cut down the effort to look for the taxis in the streets and bargain for the inappropriate rate (apart from meter charges). Furthermore, the taxi app makes it easier to calculate the fare and transfer money online as well as cash. In addition, the customer can simply track the traveling location.

Advantages for Drivers

Carrying a sizable amount in hand can be risky for the drivers too. Hence, the system of accepting online payment through the online taxi booking app would be more convenient. Besides, the taxi apps make it easier for the drivers to locate the customers' location through GPS mapping. 

The driver can log in or log out anytime according to their preference to allocate their jobs strategically. Furthermore, the app hailing system can help drivers avoid the argument for ride fares with aggressive and rude passengers.

Benefits of Taxi Dispatch System

Here are the benefits that you can expect from a taxi dispatch system.

  • Ease and Convenience
    Customers can smoothly and continuously book a taxi with the online taxi booking app on their smartphones. They can simply use it for pick-up, drop-off, and long-distance traveling.
  • Accountability and Accuracy 
    The taxi dispatch system makes it easier to keep the record of the customer's data and monthly paperwork for taxes, payrolls, and other expenses in respect to the business.

Features of Taxi Booking App

Following are some of the features provided in the taxi booking app:

  • Social Sharing - Passengers can share their riding experiences with friends and family through social media platforms.
  • Wallet System - The e-wallet system permits both the passengers and drivers to add their bank cards for safe and secure payments.
  • Refer and Earn -  Passengers can refer and earn credits. Besides, they can get offers or free rides by sharing unique codes with their friends and family.
  • Estimate Fare - The customer can check the estimated fare of the trip between the pick-up location and destination point.
  • Favorite Location - Passengers can consider marking their frequently used pick-up or drop-off locations such as home, office as favorites to speed up bookings.
  • Rate and Comment - This feature enables the passenger to give feedback on their experience, which helps the company to improve their service quality.


With the change of customers' digital needs, an open-source taxi dispatch system has become vital for all taxi businesses. The online taxi booking app enables cab drivers to reach out to more customers with quality services. The taxi dispatch system should function in a proper and well-organized manner. 

This system works efficiently to fill the gaps between the taxi companies and their customers. The taxi dispatch system evolved in connection to the telecom sector with the advent of smartphones. Furthermore, the taxi fares are set by the state and city where they are permitted to operate.

About the Author:

Gourav Sharma is a Digital Marketing Strategist at Arka Softwares, a leading mobile app development company. He has 2 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He spends his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest app development technologies.

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