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How to Attract a Large Audience to Instagram Pictures

Monitor the quality of your content

Each publication requires careful preparation. Plan your composition, exclude foreign objects from the frame and take care of the clarity of the picture. Try to draw the audience's attention to the object you want to show.

An excellent solution would be to demonstrate your work in a beautiful interior. This will help potential buyers imagine how the painting will look indoors. Take a look at how illustrator @ragonia_ offers writing portraits to order

And the artist Anna Koval shows her work in the interior with the help of Stories.

Instagram pictures

Add captions to Instagram pictures

Don't turn your account into an impersonal work catalog. The presence of a caption under the photo creates an atmosphere of live communication. Post captions can be duplicated in other languages. This will attract a large audience by turning your account into an international project.

People react more actively to posts that show the real author. Tell us about the creation of the picture, what was the idea behind the images, what emotions did you experience. The more interesting the story of a piece, the more likely it is to buy it.

Dani Diez, in the captions to his paintings, talks about the ideas of their creation, the techniques and tools used. As a result, there are tens and hundreds of comments and likes under each of his posts on Instagram.

Choose the right Instagram hashtags

Users can search for your work by hashtags, and new Instagram followers can also come to you by them. Pick 5-6 permanent tags that will accompany each photo. For example, permanent ones can look like #art, #artist, #paintings on order. Be sure to use your name tag #yourname. Don't forget the seasonal ones - #inctober, #witchtober, #mermay, etc. Choose related hashtags depending on the topic of the post. In the selection, you can use the services TagsFinder, Instatag, or use the tips of Instagram.

Add hashtags from popular art communities. If the admin likes your work, he can publish it in his account. This will become free advertising for you, and possibly a source of new subscribers or buyers. You can use a creative challenge and hashtag to boost audience engagement. For example, illustrator Anna Lomakina, who came up with the popular #7days7th challenge idea.

Chat with Instagram Followers

Answer questions in the comments, participate in conversations, ask about your impressions of your work and be interested in topics that are interesting to your audience. This will help increase the activity of the audience, and at the same time "probe" the interests of the target audience. You can ask questions, create polls and conduct polls using Stories.

Interact with other artists

Instagram followers to the pages of colleagues like their work, likes and comments check that on their posts. Someone will see you in a conversation under someone else's post and go to see your profile someone will find your profile among the followers of an art personality and will be interested in your work.

To attract the attention of Instagram bloggers, you can paint their portraits. If a reputable user marks you in a post, their audience will be interested in your work. In addition, a popular blogger may offer you collaboration. The account of the artist Elena Bryksenkova, a former Petersburg woman who now lives in the United States, has 54,000 subscribers. It is likely that her popularity is positively influenced by the marks of her popular colleagues.

With the help of Instagram, every artist can express themselves, regardless of their connections, financial wealth or position in society. But don't forget that promoting your Instagram account is a real job. It is important not only to attract the attention of the audience, but also to keep interest for a long time. Use our tips and conquer art-Instagram.

In addition, the methods of promotion in social networks depend on the specific site. For example, on Instagram, you can manually find people from your target audience, like their posts, watch stories and subscribe to their accounts. This encourages people to respond to your account and subscribe. In 2019, people attach less importance to "Instagram politeness", but this method still works and pays off. Facebook provides the ability to invite people who have liked your post to subscribe to your page. Moreover, this invitation is free even for advertising posts. That is, the advertising itself, of course, is paid, but you can invite those who liked the advertising message to like the page (for Facebook this is equivalent to a subscription) for free. Promotion Instagram pictures through social networks manually requires a lot of time and effort. To do this, you will need to take a break from personal affairs, as well as work on other aspects of growing your own business, and focus on sending messages to your potential customers. Considering that in most social networks there is a limit on adding to friends and sending messages during the day, the process itself can be delayed indefinitely.

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