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The Art of Digitizing Documents


As much as we try to move away from printed documents and records, due to how much easier it often is to access and store information on a computer - we’ll likely never be completely free of paper. Many offices have been “paperless” for some time now, but even those will still likely have paper records somewhere!

If you have lots of documents on paper, you may have been wondering about digitization, and exactly how to go about it. Well, read on - this article will help you learn about digitization, and how you can decide what’s the best approach for you to keep your document scanning costs to a minimum!

What Does Digitizing Your Documents Mean?

Simply put, digitizing your documents is the process of taking your paper records and documents, and storing them on a computer. There are many reasons to do this. Things stored on a computer can be more easily copied for backup, which means that important and valuable data should be digitized wherever possible so that it will not be lost. Digitization can also make it easier to locate data when looking for it. Instead of having to search through folder after folder, filing cabinet after filing cabinet - you can simply type what you’re looking for into your computer, and find it instantly, letting the computer do the hard work for you!

There are many ways that you can start digitizing your data - read on to learn more!


A basic scanner is a good first step in digitizing your documents - particularly if you don’t have a large amount, as each of them will have to be scanned by hand. You can get dedicated scanners, but nowadays a lot of inexpensive printers and copiers will have a scanning function too.

This will essentially make a digital photocopy of your documents, turning them into image files that can be opened in any photo viewer. To do a small amount of documents like this is relatively easy, but for larger amounts of documents can quickly become a time-consuming task.

Scanning Apps

Most smartphones have a good enough camera on them to be used as a basic handheld scanner! For a quick and effective way to scan individual documents, or small numbers of documents, you can download and install one of the many easy to use scanning apps available for your phone.

These are as easy to use as a normal camera app, and have been a great choice for quick and effective scanning of small amounts of documents for years! However, for scanning larger numbers, this isn’t the best choice available.

Scanning Services

There are many professional scanning services available that can do a great and effective job of scanning your documents, and preparing them for easy digital access! This can take a lot of the headache out of digitizing your documents, as professionals deal with this all day every day!

If your document digitization task is too large or cumbersome to be dealt with on your own, it might well be worth looking at professional help with the task.

Preparing For Digitization

No matter whether you choose to digitize your documents yourself, or you’re getting professional help with the job, there are some things you should consider!

Plan - Then Do It The Right Way
Don’t just jump into the process without a plan! You need to know exactly how you’ll want to use and access the documents after digitization, and then decide how you’ll conduct the digitization process in order that your goals are achieved!

This means taking some time beforehand to think through how the best way to achieve this is for your needs. No matter whether you’re doing it yourself or getting professional help, a proper plan will save you time, money, and trouble!

Make sure that your documents are as well organized as possible prior to digitization. This will make things go smoothly during the process, and make accessing the documents easier afterwards. After all, garbage in equals garbage out - if your paper documents are poorly organized, it’ll make the job of organizing them on a computer harder and more time consuming.

With that in mind, gather as much information about your documents as possible before starting. That way, you will make it easier to plan your digitization processes, and will make it so much easier to organize your documents!

Whether you’re doing it yourself, or seeking outside help, the more information you’re able to collate and provide, the better. After all, it’s not a magic process - you can’t just put documents onto a computer and expect them to organize themselves!


It’s always worth thinking about storage of your documents after digitization. After all, one of the strengths of digital information is how easily it can be duplicated for safe keeping. Therefore, consider a strong backup solution, including cloud and off-site storage.


Hopefully, this article has given you a little insight into digitizing documents, and how best to plan and proceed with it!

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