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Best 2019-2020 Apps for Time Management
While Remote Working

Time Management

By Elizabeth Barletta

Many agencies strive to outshine their competition to get the best talent in the market and allow their employees to work when they feel most productive. However, this technique could cause problems for the agency and its customers. Using the best time management apps 2019 can help them to plan their work and to be punctual. Many people who work remotely have a hard time keeping in touch; that is why they need time management tools.

The Best Time Management Apps 2019

With various apps in the market, it can be challenging to know the best that is why we have put together this useful list to help you.

This time management software is suitable for messaging many people and posting updates quickly. Yammer is beneficial because workers can get answers to stressful situations. It saves time because employees consult their colleagues on challenging tasks. More solutions are generated within a short time to assist employees in doing their jobs.

desktop version, you can synchronize Timesheet to Excel to export files effortlessly.

It is one of the best time management apps Android users can benefit from. Although this is a simple app, it is highly effective. Toggl allows you to plan your tasks, and to individually time each of them.

Toggl also incorporates other apps and projects, like Google Drive. The good thing about this app is that it allows you to focus on your tasks. You do not need to stress about your time. Toggl starts to time when you begin your work.

desktop version, you can synchronize Timesheet to Excel to export files effortlessly.

Slack is a new app, but it has got quite a following. It makes it easy to manage your projects and communication. Slack allows your team to communicate without using emails; it is a kind of chat room.

Slack is designed to enable you to arrange interactions for group discussions, private messages, and to share documents in one platform. It also incorporates other applications, which helps allows you to work from one place. This way, employees don’t have to switch through tabs to get their work done.

desktop version, you can synchronize Timesheet to Excel to export files effortlessly.

Top Tracker
Top Tracker is ideal for both employers and freelancers, and it is available as a desktop app, or you can use it on the web. It is a simple application that requires you to come up with a project and then track your progress. You can be a Top-Mom and get your work done on time. You can have fun with the customizable themes by controlling which tasks to track and if you want screenshots.

desktop version, you can synchronize Timesheet to Excel to export files effortlessly.

Everhour is an excellent time management app for windows, and it can be utilized by freelancers working within a team but focusing on their productivity. This application provides useful reports on your project and incorporates other tools, so you do not have to switch through tabs.

desktop version, you can synchronize Timesheet to Excel to export files effortlessly.

Have you ever wondered what the best time management apps iPhone users love? Timely is an excellent application. This platform merges time tracking with the schedules in your calendar, which makes it easy to perform your tasks. It allows you to plan, which is beneficial if you work in a team.

Timely is a reliable application, which helps organizations to manage their appointments and monitor tasks through phones, tablets, or desktops. Since this app is cloud-based, there is no need to install or update this software.

desktop version, you can synchronize Timesheet to Excel to export files effortlessly.

If you are always busty and have no idea how to manage your time, Timesheet can help you. Although this is a simple application, it is efficient as a mobile phone app; it performs as much as desktop versions. You can time your tasks, track your revenue, and provides a space for note taking. If you are using the desktop version, you can synchronize Timesheet to Excel to export files effortlessly.

Rescue Time
Freelancers can quickly get distracted and waste time on the internet; however, Rescue Time helps to manage your day. This application is excellent for you because it works even when you do not turn the tracker. You only have to group your programs and organize the presets.

Rescue Time assesses productivity by following your computer activities. This software is useful for tracking the websites you have visited, programs, active windows, and other activities. This software has on-screen reminders and a feature that blocks websites to help users become more productive.

It provides insights into how the team works and their daily outcomes. Rescue Time offers accurate information on time spent on a particular website, application, and even the document in question. This way, you can understand your work ethic, decide how to be more productive, and come up with useful plans. Teams that use Rescue Time can effortlessly assess each member’s workflow. It allows team leaders to identify employees who are slacking.



Sometimes it can be challenging to stay productive, primarily if you work remotely. You might take a break and realize that your day has ended without doing anything. Time tracking apps enable you to stay productive, manage your projects, incorporate other useful tools, and remind you of important events.

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