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Top Apps That Can Help You Write, Organize
and Track Things Better

Write, Organize and Track

By Veronica Hanks

There are mobile apps for everything, and why shouldn’t it be? These applications promise to make life facile for you and take off the load from your shoulders. Mobile apps are now an intrinsic part of the lives of people and they are here to stay forever. People are heavily reliant on mobile applications to save their life problems because there’s an app for every possible thing.

Apps are a necessity and for people who are looking for a fast solution to their problems, here is a list of six mobile applications that can guide you to write in a better way, organize your important stuff and track your progress in real-time without any hassle:

Apps For Exceptional Writing Skill

These two apps listed below will help you write sentences that are grammatically correct and enhance your skill while building confidence in you.

  • Grammarly

Grammarly is used by a lot of people from around the world, and this writing tool makes your articles and paras look wonderful and error-free. You can use this app on your desktop or your phones and start writing your content. Not only this, but the Grammarly app also informs you about the tone of your writeup and suggests ways to improvise if your writeup doesn’t seem engaging enough.

The app also checks plagiarism, content quality, and notifies if your content is able to deliver the message or not. If you choose to use Grammarly premium, then the app will further enhance the quality of your writeup by asking a writing professional to help you out. The possibility of writing good content with this app is endless, and you get to learn a lot if you continue using this app.

  • Hemingway

Writing is a tricky part and you can make mistakes that are completely normal, but with the Hemingway app, you can make your writeup unique. While you keep writing your sentences, the app highlights words or phrases that can be corrected. For example- green highlight will signify the use of voice, blue highlight tells you about adverbs you used, and so forth. Hemingway app gives your writeup a grade out of 10 along with a remark to tell you if your writeup is readable. The app also gives you the autonomy to write your para in different styles like- bullets, quote, etc. The app is free of cost and can be used on various devices to ease out your writing errors.

Organizer apps for an uncluttered mind

These 2 organizer apps can simplify your life as they stack every important writeup according to categories for you in one space.

  • Evernote

With one of the best frameworks for mobile apps, this app has been doing wonders in terms of organizing everything neatly. The app has been trusted by 225 million users so far and works like a charm. This note-taking app is not only confined to a few things but also lets you store every important thing safely like projects, photos, videos, etc. It is a perfect place to collaborate with people; all you need to do is send them an invite and you can work with everyone to build a great project ahead. You can be creative with this app and draw sketches, add handwriting, save web pages, make a notebook that can be edited, and sync with other devices so that you never miss any of your information. You never run out on feeding your information because the app provides you with 10GB saving space and comes with a search option so that you can find any of your documents easily.

  • Journey App

Journey app is beautiful and a smooth app to work with if you are a writing buff. This app will enhance your writing abilities and give you a chance to add pictures with your current mood, location, etc. the app has an ample amount of features that can help you write exceptionally. And if you have just discovered the writing side of yours’ then you don’t need to worry. This app will provide a step by step guide of how to write fresh and different content.Top guides in the app can introduce you to different styles of writing and to ensure the safety of your write ups, you can set up a passcode. Journey app lets you send your entries to social media and with the app’s inbuilt calendar you can search through the list of your write ups easily.

Track Your Progress every time

This Tracker app can keep track of your progress easily and focus on what’s more important. These apps are listed down below:

  • Word Keeper

One of the best writing apps designed by top mobile app development companies is Word Keeper. This statistical tool for writing keeps you engrossed in the work that you are currently doing and allows you to add your daily tasks within the app so that it can be pasted on your home screen and can be seen every time you are distracted from the work that you are doing. With this app, you can see how much time you are spending on writing and know the speed of your typing so that you are motivated to do better every day. With 30+ data stats, every project can be redefined and be unique. You can also track your word count, add notes, and more.

If writing is your passion, these apps will fuel it

If you are a writing enthusiast or a writer by profession, these above stated apps are a must have. They ensure that while writing, you only have to care about the ideas and words that you wish to include and present to your readers. They will take care of the rest.

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