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Top 5 Apps to Earn Money as a Freelancer

Apps to Earn Money

The digital economy has combined very well with millennial lifestyles to create the gig economy. Just to restate what that is, a gig economy is “a labour market characterized by the prevalence of short-term contracts or freelance work as opposed to permanent jobs”, as per Oxford Languages.

So now that you have decided to take the adventurous route through life (at least for the time being), the question you ask yourself is: how do I get freelancing gigs?

Well, the answer is simple: what are you good at? What do you do so well that you can do it with variety, for numerous (and vastly different companies or people), and for good money?

Decide what that is - graphic design, copywriting, pet grooming, hair & makeup...the list is literally endless because each human has a skill whether they know it or not - and look for gigs.

Where to get freelancing jobs? Simple, once again - through the magic of our age: technology!

Here are 5 freelancing apps that can earn you money and might even make you famous!


Want to charge an hourly rate to do accounting for businesses? Or would you rather work on a project-by-project basis, asking your own price according to the work? Upwork suits both ways.

This app, headed by Hayden Brown, is HQ’d in Santa Clara USA and also owns Elance. Elance is for businesses who are looking for freelancers. It works the other way round, which is good.

Usually, you go looking for freelance jobs on apps like Upwork which have been created by the app developer with the intent of listing available jobs (or gigs, to continue using the short term).

Upwork turns that on its head and lets businesses seek the right freelancer for their temp job or one-off project. In fact, as this model of working has matured, renowned experts have also taken the option of leaving their high pressure, nose to-the-grindstone jobs for fresh ‘gigs’.


SmashingJobs is aimed primarily at tech-heads. If you love programming and have the knack for coding, this platform can put you within reach of excellent freelance opportunities. Plus, most of the work is remote, so you won’t even have to move an inch, so to speak, while working. Yay!


Of course, the $5-gig haven has to be on this list of freelancing apps. This is a catch-all platform, and you can browse around to see some really interesting freelance opportunities, but also a few straight-up wacky ones. It’s not exactly how CraigsList used to be (or still is, more on that below) but you can basically offer to do anything for five dollars and let people get in touch with you.


Do you have a flair for teaching? This app is an initiative by The Princeton Review (not affiliated to Princeton University). The benefits of being able to work remotely cannot be overstated amid these unprecedented times of COVID, which is why if you feel you can teach certain subjects, this way to a freelancing teaching job that lets you choose your hours can be a lucrative option.


How can any freelancing or gig job app list be complete without the original, the infamous, the inimitable Craigslist? The app development team for Craigslist made sure to continue the color schemes and layouts of the original website were kept. You might even mistake it for a basic list app. But once you list your freelancing skills on it, watch the interest rise from people all over the world! In fact, because it is an open-to-all work, buy, sell, rent, and everything in between app, you might even find gigs that you had not considered before, and well-paying ones too!

Why start freelancing either full-time or as an additional source of income?

The answer is in the question itself. Who doesn’t like a little extra cash coming in on the side?

The more important part of deciding between freelancing and working full time is your priorities. 

Where do you see yourself a couple of years from now? This is not an interview question - this is the starting point from which you either start a career as a freelancer or look for a job. After all, many billionaire tech entrepreneurs like Richard White worked freelance jobs before hitting upon their big idea and making it a reality! Who is to say that your shining future isn’t waiting?

Start freelancing using any of these top 5 apps freelance gig apps and pave your way forward!

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