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Apple Beats Powerbeats Review Design and Usage

Apple Beats Powerbeats were launched back in the month of March in the year 2020. These mini wireless earbuds came with a price tag of 79 US dollars and it weighs 26.5 grams. If we talk from the perspective of the design of this product then the apple tree uses the same design that was seen back in true wireless Powerbeats Pro.

This means that these earbuds will provide the same secure and comfortable fit and it is a great thing. In this product, users are paying significantly less price for the same level of performance as it is joined by a streamlined wire and doesn't require a similar technology like truly wireless earbuds.

In the charging case, you will get a little bag with the beats brand over it and some extra pairs of ear tips. One of the ear tips is a double flange and if you ever need to block the external noise you should use them.

If you are looking for the smallest Bluetooth earbuds, then these are among the tiniest earbuds you can see. In these earbuds, there are no automatic detection sensors and if you want to pause the sound you will have to do it manually by pressing the logo on the right earbud.

Due to their elegant design, these are one of the smallest wireless earbuds in the market. iOS users can take advantage of H1 chip integration.


The mics of these earbuds target your voice and filter out the background noise in tandem which is completely fine.

The downward-facing microphones are great in reducing the wind noise. The performance is a little weak and some of your friends can still be able to hear the sound of the wind whistling. Especially if someone tilts the head upward.

It has dual beamforming microphones and comes along with an accelerometer which is used to detect the background noise and to eliminate it when you are speaking. Although the sound quality is really great and one can compromise on the quality of the microphone. These are one of the best smallest earbuds.

It is because the Beats have designed this product the same as it designed Powerbeats Pro. But this time I thought that this product should be less expensive, it can be the reason for the weak quality of the microphone.


Due to the H1 chip and Bluetooth Codec support, these earbuds perform really amazing with iOS devices rather than Android phones. The power efficiency of Bluetooth is also improved because of the class 1 Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

One thing that should be noticed here is that advanced audio coding performance is unreliable on Android devices.

It is because it is the only high-quality codec the Powerbeat supports. The users that use the Android devices mainly notice a little audiovisual delay while streaming from Netflix or YouTube.

Who is it for:

These tiny bluetooth earbuds provide such amazing quality of sound and these are all so comfortable to wear, the athletes should definitely use these amazing earbuds.

This is because they fit securely in the ears and the wire doesn't tangle and stays out of the way during the workout sessions. These are one of the most outstanding earbuds that can give you such amazing sound.

In Fact the Android users who want to get experience with the Beats brand without paying much money should definitely consider this.

The advantages and disadvantages of Apple Beats Powerbeat:

Just like anything else this amazing product has its own pros and cons that are given below in the following:


  • There is Apple's H1 chip which allows for a much greater flexibility
  • These earbuds are comfortable and securely fit into the ear
  • These are splash-proof as they come with IPX 4 rating
  • Bluetooth 5.01 class 1
  • They can provide us with such an amazing sound experience as the sound quality is really good
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • The isolation of these earbuds is not so great
  • The microphone is not that premium
  • Under emphasised mids
  • There is no auto-pause feature
  • They are not wireless
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