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Top Reasons Why Animated Marketing Videos Are the Future of Advertising in 2023

Animated Marketing Videos

The attention span of people is short in the era we are in. Further, businesses need to grab their audience’s attention to communicate their brand message to the audiences. Luckily, video marketing helps businesses in this regard, provided that they use the right content marketing strategy. Animated Marketing Video Production proves versatile and highly effective for businesses to communicate with their target audience. It also looks like animated video marketing is the future of advertising in 2023.

Furthermore, we shall justify with our top reasons how animated video marketing is the future of advertising in 2023. Before that, we want you to know what animated marketing videos are that the best video marketing services often produce.

What Are Animated Marketing Videos?

Animated marketing videos are video types that comprise animated content. Moreover, businesses deploy animated videos for marketing for a range of purposes. For example, companies create animated marketing videos for product promotion, audience engagement, and more. The same things are also possible to accomplish with live-action videos. Still, animated marketing videos have more potential to grab the audience’s attention because of their animated content.

Moreover, animated marketing videos can deploy the main types of animation. 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion, and motion graphics, to name some of them. Besides, animated videos employ a combination of characters, illustrations, text, etc. In addition, these videos can have voice-overs and sound effects. What makes animated videos a powerful marketing tool that businesses often use in their marketing campaign is their versatility. You can do almost anything you want with animated videos, which makes them a strong marketing tool.

How Are Animated Marketing Videos the Future of Advertising in 2023?

Here are different reasons to justify why animated marketing videos are the future of advertising in 2023:

Animated Marketing Videos Are Affordable to Create

Have you ever made a live-action commercial video? If you have, you already know how costly live-action video can prove to create. Even for producing live-action videos on a small scale, you need camera operators, crew & actors, and more. Put differently, the cost of video production can skyrocket easily with live-action videos. In addition, you may need to plan for reshoots, too, which will cost you more money and time.

Contrarily, animated marketing videos are effective and have the same impact as live-action video commercials. Most importantly, you do not need to break the bank for coming up with animated videos for marketing. Animated videos for marketing save businesses a considerable amount of money. It is also one good reason for businesses to deploy animated marketing videos for advertising in 2023.

Animated Marketing Videos Work for Almost Anything

One of the best things when it comes to animated marketing video production is its versatility. You can exploit animation to produce killer animated explainer videos, high-quality infographic commercials, and much more. You can also deploy animated videos for product announcements on social media channels.

Put differently, you can bring your creative ideas for marketing to life while deploying animated videos for advertising. For example, you can advertise your product in deep space via animated videos. Further, you can have animals talking about your product or service in the video. Animation makes anything possible for advertisers to do. Thus, it is another good reason for businesses to use animated marketing videos for advertising in 2023.

Animated Marketing Videos Effectively Grab Attention

We have mentioned earlier in this post that the attention span of people is short. Further, the main goal of video marketing is capturing and holding the attention of the target audience. Luckily, animated videos prove helpful in this regard, too. Animated marketing videos deploying custom animations have the power to effectively grab the audience’s attention.

Not to mention, human beings love watching visuals, which naturally draw them, unlike static images. For the same reason, the animation will effectively grab your attention while you scroll through your social media feed. It happens because human beings process visual content much faster than text. You can easily and effectively get your message across to the target audience via animated videos. Therefore, businesses have another valid reason to deploy animated marketing videos for advertising in 2023.

Animated Marketing Videos Are Great for Branding, Too

Animated videos allow businesses to build and reinforce their brands. You can deploy the same color palette for animation in your video that reflects your brand. Similarly, you can use fonts and text in the video that represent your brand. In addition, you can create your own character animations and assets in the video to reflect your brand personality.

Put differently, the animation can say a lot about your brand; furthermore, it is an engaging and classic art form. Not to mention, the animation, such as in animated video ads, instantly draws viewers’ attention. You can positively represent your brand via animated videos, and other brands can do that, too. Hence, another good reason for businesses to utilise animated marketing videos for advertising is branding.

Our Bonus Tips on Creating Animated Marketing Videos

  • Start creating your video by keeping your target audience in mind.
  • Know the key message you want to deliver with your video alongside your objectives.
  • Start preparing for video production by coming up with a short yet effective script that best delivers your message.
  • Find and hire one of the best video marketing services to create a one-of-a-kind animated marketing video for your business.
  • Make sure your video looks good, which you can realise by watching it once it is completed.


Today, the attention span of the audience is short; furthermore, businesses need to capture and hold the audience’s attention. Besides, you cannot communicate your key message to the target audience if you fail to grab your audience’s attention. Animated marketing videos prove helpful for businesses in this regard. Moreover, it looks like animated marketing videos are the future of advertising in 2023. Lastly, here are various reasons why businesses should invest in animated marketing video production for advertising in 2023:

  1. Animated Marketing Videos Are Affordable to Create
  2. Animated Marketing Videos Work for Almost Anything
  3. Animated Marketing Videos Effectively Grab Attention
  4. Animated Marketing Videos Are Great for Branding, Too


Q1. Is Animation Effective for Advertising?

Animation is effective for advertising in a number of ways. Here are different ways how animation proves effective for advertising:

  1. Animation easily conveys complex ideas
  2. It allows you to reach a massive audience
  3. In addition, the animation is cost-effective
  4. Further, animation allows you to create timeless videos

Q2. Why Is Animation Important in Advertising?

Animation is important in advertising, as it can capture the essence of your brand. In addition, it expresses what you want your audience to understand about your product or service. Besides, animated videos are short videos that can help you quickly and clearly convey your brand message. Hence, animation proves important in advertising when it comes to effectively delivering the brand message.

Q3. In What Way Does Animation Help in Marketing and Advertising?

Animation helps in marketing and advertising alike, as it helps brands draw customers’ attention to effectively deliver a business message while promoting a product or service at the same time. Besides, animated marketing videos for advertising have also become an integral part of marketing strategies for marketers today.

Q4. What Is An Animation Advertisement?

An animation advertisement or animated ad is a short 15 to 60-second video that promotes the products or services of a company. More often than not, brands use animated ads for promotional campaigns on television and social media.

Q5. How Do Animated Videos Benefit Businesses?

Animated videos benefit businesses in various ways, which include the following:

  • They help businesses stand out from competitors.
  • In addition, these videos boost conversions for businesses.
  • Further, they help businesses connect with customers fascinatingly.
  • Animated videos prove helpful for businesses for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), too.
  • Plus, these videos help businesses impress clients at sales meetings and attract customers at events.
  • In addition, they help businesses effectively explain their products or services to customers.
  • Further, these videos help businesses save time and money with production, unlike live-action videos.
  • They help businesses reach a massive audience.
  • Moreover, these videos bring new ideas to life.
  • Further, these videos are excellent for branding, too.

Q6. Is Animation a Content Marketing?

Animation is a powerful tool when it comes to content marketing. The video content it features allows brands to connect with the target audience effectively and make viewers remember a brand. Most importantly, animation as a content marketing tool helps businesses drive conversions.

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