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Key Tips about Android File Transfer Not Working

Android File Transfer is a common tool to transfer files between an Android device and a Mac computer. However, sometimes it happens that the Android File Transfer would stop working when people try to manage the Android phone data with it. Here comes a question: how to fix it if Android File Transfer is not working? Anyway, this post will show you the most possible causes and practical solutions, as well as the alternative to Android File Transfer. Let’s get started.

Why Is Android File Transfer Not Working?

In general, there are plenty of reasons leading to Android File Transfer not working, you need to check them one by one to find out the real one. Now, let’s check the most common ones as follows to troubleshoot it.

Android File Transfer Not Working
  • Your USB cable/port/connector gets damaged.
  • You forget to enable the file transfer feature on your Android device.
  • You are using an old version of Android File Transfer.
  • Something gets wrong during the installation process.
  • Your Android OS is too old to support Android File Transfer.
  • The conflicting Samsung Kies or Smart Switch installed on the Mac.

How to Fix Android File Transfer Not Working?

Have you found the real cause making your Android File Transfer not working? Simply skip to the relevant tips to fix it, or try all the tips to troubleshoot it, or directly get its alternative to help with file transfer between Android device and Mac computer.

Tip 1. Check USB Cables and Connectors

If the USB cables, USB ports and USB connectors get damaged, it won’t work properly. Although it is simple to check, most people would ignore this step, and you can try to use another USB cable, port or connector just in case.

Tip 2. Enable USB Debugging

Please check the USB debugging mode on the Android phone and make sure to enable it. Go to the Settings app, choose “About phone” > tap “Build number” for 7 times > “Developer options”, and enable the “USB debugging” feature.

Android File Transfer Not Working

Tip 3. Uninstall Samsung Kies/Smart Switch

Please make sure you have not installed the Samsung Kies or Smart Switch on your Android phone or Mac computer, which are conflict with Android File Transfer and lead to the failure of Android File Transfer. If you have, please uninstall them completely.

Tip 4. Update/Reinstall the Software

The old version of Android File Transfer may can’t work well. Please check for updates if needed. Can’t work after installation? Please try to remove it completely, then reinstall it correctly.

Tip 5. Reboot Your Mac Computer

After you reinstalled the program on the Mac computer, you’d better reboot the Mac computer, which will help the computer work correctly.

Tip 6. Update Your Android OS

If your Android OS is too old to be compatible with Android File Transfer, you need to upgrade it. Open the Settings app and you choose the “About phone” > “System updates” > “Install now” to update the Android OS.

Android File Transfer Not Working

Tip 7. Use Android File Transfer Alternative

If the previous 6 ways still cannot work, please try this practical alternative – Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac. You can back up various files from Android device to Mac and restore the backup data from Mac to Android in 1 click.

Furthermore, you can clearly view your contacts, messages, apps, music, photos, videos, call logs and books on the Mac, and manage the data with exporting, importing, editing, copying, moving and more features. Thus, it can give you the best experience on file transfer and management between Android and Mac

Here is the tutorial of this data transfer software:

  1. Download and Connect
    Please download and install the program on your Mac computer. Then connect your Android device to the computer with a USB cable. After enabling USB debugging, it will quickly recognize your phone.
    Android File Transfer Not Working
  2. Select Data to Manage
    Once connected, you can choose one category on the left panel. Then your Android data will show up on the interface and you can manage them using the different features on the top menu.
    Android File Transfer Not Working
  3. Transfer Data in 1 Click
    If you want to transfer data in 1 click, please tap on the “Super Toolkit” icon on the upper.
    Android File Transfer Not Working

After choosing the “Backup” icon, you can back up all the data from Android to Mac.

Android File Transfer Not Working

Choosing the “Restore” icon, you can restore the previous backup files from Mac to Android.

Android File Transfer Not Working


Finishing reading the preceding parts, perhaps you have found an effective method to fix the matter of Android File Transfer not working. However, many people prefer to directly choose an alternative to take place it. If you are one of them, Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac is surely a nice choice, which offers you more convenient services and features.

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