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7 Cool Android Apps Every Teenage Girl
Must Have in 2021

Teenage is the first step towards your future. It is here that you get the first glance of what you want your future to be like. You get knowledge of your interests, hobbies and more. Especially if you are a girl, you’d want your teenage to be extra special. You would want to be noticed and known. You would want that people around you recognise you as someone cool, don’t you?

It is your teenage that makes or breaks your confidence about your appearance, your personality and the way you present yourself. Even as small a thing as an android app can have that effect on you. It is not your parents or friends that spend as much time with you as your phone does. It has the capability to influence you more than anything and anybody else. Make sure that your android phone has exactly what makes you better. Your apps much enhance and develop your personality. They must not demean you. Apps are made to ease human’s life. Make sure that your android apps are helping you do something and making your life easier. We have listed down the 7 coolest android apps that every teenage girl must have. Check them out below:

Color Splash Effect

1. Color Splash Effect:

If photography or should we say, self-photography interests you,Color Splash Effect is the right android photo editing app for you. It isn’t any professional editing app. It simply enhances some parts of your photo and makes the other colours disappear. It gives an interesting dramatic effect to your pictures. People around you would be amazed to see how beautifully you present your pictures on social media (or somewhere else that you want to). It has a unique colour and shape feature that gives the desired colour to the desired shape, and your picture is ready to awe the audience.

Flo Period Tracker

2. Flo Period Tracker

This must be a difficult time for you. Teenage must have brought with it an overwhelming sense of newness. You must have acquired some knowledge about your body that you didn’t know. There are a few android apps that may not be able to help you with your bodily changes, but they do help you track your periods and help you plan the rest of the month accordingly. Flo Period Tracker is one of the best period tracking apps available in the Google Play Store. You can record the beginning of your period, duration of the flow and some more, and the app will notify you of all the bodily changes that you may have in between. You would also be reminded of the upcoming period. With the premium version, you can also consult a physician personally to help you with your physical and emotional issues. Being a teenager this is one of the must-have apps on your phone.

Best Hairstyles

3. Best Hairstyles step by step

Every day at school must feel like a new beginning to you. And well, it indeed is. You’d want to be popular among your fellow mates. One of the best ways to be a popular girl in school is to have a different kind of hairstyle every single day. Best Hairstyles step by step is an android app that can help you with unique hairstyles every day. From braids to a waterfall, it has a step-to-step guide for everything. Follow it to get the perfect hairstyle every day.

Makeup Videost

4. Makeup Videos Tutorial App

Another must-have app on a teenage girl’s phone is the Makeup Videos Tutorial App. It has a guide and tutorial for numerous makeup styles that you always dreamt of trying on yourself. Of course, with time you will be able to do it all on your own. But until you can’t, this makeup tutorial app is at your rescue. It will make you popular at your school or college in no time!


5. Wattpad

For many girls, teenage is not about makeup and hairstyles, but about having access to a trunk-full of books. If you are a teenager as such, Wattpad is the right app for you. It has millions of free books by writers that range from romance, thriller, horror, and many more genres. It is a community for readers and writers all-around the globe. You can read books, or publish one of your own. If books and stories give you peace then Wattpad can surely help you live through your teenage happily.

Tik Tok

6. Tik Tok

When it comes to entertainment, who can miss out on Tik Tok? The app has been around not for too long and it has already become popular among boys and girls. If you are a teenage girl having a keen interest in acting, Tik Tok is the right platform for you. People of all ages watch and enjoy Tik Tok. This could be your mini-audition towards your acting career in future. It is a worldwide community. You can also make many friends with the app. You would be popular even before you know.

Memory Booster

7. Study Music - Memory Booster

Music has the capability to make and break your mood. From romance to devotion, music touches every string of mankind. Teenage is a difficult time. You have so much in mind, and then you also have to make sure that your grades don’t go down. Study Music -Memory Booster helps you concentrate on your studies with its unique tunes and vibrations. Just put your headphones on, put your choice of music on and get to your study table. Every teenage girl must have this android app.

Final Words

There are millions of other cool android apps that every teenage girl must have in the Google Play Store. APKDyno can also help you download these apps easily. All you need to do is to choose what kind of apps you want and search for the same. You’ll be drowning under a pile of best android apps after that.

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