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Is Buying an Amazon FBA Course Worth the Money?

Let’s face it, in spite of what some on the internet may tell you, successfully creating an Amazon FBA Business is not exactly easy. Before you even start selling your first product, there is a bunch of things you have to learn and many things that can go wrong.

Just some of the questions you will have to find answers to even before you start selling will be:

  • How do I pick a niche to sell in?
  • How do I actually find a profitable product to sell?
  • How do I ship my products to the Amazon warehouses?

And trust me, there are plenty more questions to answer than this. It is for this reason that I think finding a clear and comprehensive Amazon FBA Course is absolutely vital to success. Sure, you could go down the route of self -earning through a bunch of YouTube videos from different sources on different topics. And here is a helpful beginner's Guide to Selling on Amazon.

That’s what I did before buying my first Amazon FBA course. But after some initial success at leaning the very basics, when it got down to the more technical aspects of product research, PPC campaigns etc, it ended up confusing me more than helping. It was like putting together a really complicated Amazon FBA jigsaw puzzle. Where one video ended, I then had to go out and find another “piece” of the puzzle to fit with it. The problem? Those pieces did not all fit together nicely. Often the information from one YouTuber even outright contradicted the knowledge I had from a different one.

In the end, after months of confusion and effort, I admitted that free is not always better and that to actually be successful I was going to have treat my Amazon FBA journey like a real business. I was going to have to invest some money in education. Now, a year and a half later with a successful Amazon FBA business, I can say without hesitation it has been one of the best choices I have made.

The Amazon course I ended up buying provided me with consistent and tested knowledge that did not leave me guessing as to what to do next, saving me so much time, money and effort. I can honestly say that I don’t think I would have a FBA business today if it was not for the investment I made in education.

If you are interested in the FBA course I bought, it was the FBA Freedom Accelerator by Myles Dunphy a.k.a. The Nomad Millionaire as he is better known on YouTube. I have found the price of this FBA course to be totally worth it and would not hesitate in recommending it at all.

So Are Amazon FBA Courses Really Worth It?

If my answer is not pretty clear by now, then here it is:

Yes, I think paying for an excellent Amazon FBA is totally worth it. I paid for an excellent FBA course, and after putting in the hard work I now have a business produces me more money than the course cost in the first place… every two weeks. Just check out the review above for payment proofs of that claim.

With all this said, I would warn though that there are some realities of selling private label products via Amazon FBA that mean the business model not for everyone. Therefore, I recommend all people do their due diligence and research thoroughly before buying a FBA course.

My name is Tom Reid and thank you for reading my article.

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