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Top 4 Amazing Facts About YouTube You Should Know

We all know about “YouTube.” It is a platform where you can find every type of video. You can see movies, drama series, music videos, and much more. But how many people know about YouTube more than those? The number is concise. If you want to know about YouTube, then this article is for you. Here will get the most unique and fantastic information on YouTube. You will also get a short description below. So check them out and know what you should know

1. You can enjoy YouTube without ads

Every person who uses the Internet as a regular habit must watch YouTube. But YouTube has a feature. You will see one or two ads on every content. Sometimes the number is more when the video duration is considerable. Suppose you feel exhausted from this thing on YouTube. Then it is time to say Goodbye. Here is a pure tuber. It can block every ad for your YouTube. With this, you can play YouTube in the background. It also can convert videos to mp3 or mp4. It is the rebrand from Vanced Tuber to Premium Tuber. So now you can start happy You Tubing.

2. Most active video-sharing platform:

YouTube is now the most active video sharing platform. And more than 2 billion people in the world visit YouTube about every month. And the number of regular users is also huge. According to a survey of 2019, YouTube has more monthly active users than the Facebook app. There is a point to note. Active monthly users mean users at least log in to their YouTube account once in one month. But actually, the amount is more. Because you also can watch YouTube without creating an account for it. So the actual number is that.

3. The second most popular media platform:

Did you get the first statistics? The report was mainly for informing us how much YouTube is so common for us. And now there is more information about the platform. About 76 percent o the total internet users have a YouTube account that is insane. The platform was on the Internet since 2005. In 2006 Google bought by spending1.65 billion US dollars. The main aim of YouTube is to provide every video to the viewer’s easily and swiftly. The platform also allows sharing all the content via other social media.

4. The second most popular search engine:

YouTube is not a video sharing medium. It also a popular search engine. Yes, no doubt, Google has owned the most popular search engine in the world. You can find any topic here. Even you can watch YouTube videos through Google. But after this, YouTube has gained the position. The world is now more dependent on the Internet. And watching tutorials and entertaining videos are more available on YouTube. All the people who love to see videos every day enter onto the website to see videos.

Final Verdict

YouTube is not only a tiny platform. It has so many hidden secrets. So this article was to share some secrets with you. Now I hope you know how critical YouTube is for us. It was for giving you some better knowledge of it. When you know something better, you can do something better. If you want to start a YouTube channel, you need to check the statistics. It will help you to understand which type of channel you can create. You could make videos in which styles. Recently, YouTube marketing is now being more popular. If you want to get into the market, that information about YouTube will surely help you.

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