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Allfactor Analytics - E-commerce Evolution Starts from Advanced Data Analytics


What's gonna be worst in the future? Our answer is Tech will dramatically enlarge the information and capital gap between the small business and large company. Up to date, the largest retailing company spend billions of dollars at marketing research and consulting service with their Big Data. They can easily capture the market opportunity before everyone. Allfactor want to provide another possibility for our future, erase data inequality.

Trusted market data source, advanced analysis platform, and real-time tracking tool is our first response. Right now, you can find billions of products and millions of stores statistics across the different platform like Amazon or Shopify. And it will be updated day by day. Going deeper, accurate, intuitional diagram and charts will help you understand everything about how e-commerce world work.

We hope every company can have more energy focus on their product or service, never lose ant insight about the latest market trends. Allfactor will always help you identify the facts through data.

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