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How AI and Machine Learning Are
Redefining Cybersecurity

Redefining Cybersecurity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) alongside Machine Learning has become one of the most decisive cybersecurity weapons for companies or organizations worldwide. 

This is because they can easily combat or secure themselves from the consequences of different cyber risks without compromising their digital anonymity.

Thus, the application of AI and Machine Learning is expected to increase at a rapid pace in the coming years in improving cybersecurity of companies or organizations worldwide.

Continue reading this post to discover how Artificial Intelligence (AI) along with Machine Learning (ML) will redefine the dynamics of cybersecurity in 2021 and beyond. 

What is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an advanced technology that allows global companies to create smart devices using the fundamental concepts of human intelligence. As a result, these smart devices can perform various tasks as and when needed without any difficulty. 

As far as Artificial Intelligence (AI) significance is concerned cybersecurity-wise, it helps businesses, small medium corporations and multinational companies secure their crucial digital assets from cyber terrorists like hackers, identity thieves, scammers, etc. 

Furthermore, Machine Learning (ML) is a branch of AI that offers systems the ability to analyze the data, identify patterns and make decisions with least human interference. 

How are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are redefining cybersecurity? 

In this digital age, Artificial Intelligence is already offering various solutions to IT and cybersecurity experts worldwide. This is one of the major reasons AI will replace human resources in cybersecurity by the end of 2030.

The above scenario suggests that organizations or companies will be facilitated by AI in the coming years big time. Consequently, they can considerably improve their performance cybersecurity-wise as they will no longer rely on human expertise. 

Apart from this, companies are using AI's core concepts to reduce their cost in terms of threat detection and its solution. Currently, they can decrease their cost by 12%, which is a big plus, considering they have to deal with numerous types of cyber threats on a regular basis. Therefore, multinational organizations or companies are bound to allocate huge budgets to Artificial Intelligence (AI) across the globe.

Similarly, the role of machine learning in enhancing cybersecurity is gaining importance day by day. When organizations apply machine learning concepts in the right direction, they can quickly bolster their cybersecurity infrastructure. 

Furthermore, machine learning helps them stop or overcome cyber threats proactively using different approaches like pattern detection, penetration testing, and real-time cybercrime mapping.

Is Artificial Intelligence secure?

Despite offering so many advantages to businesses or companies worldwide, AI does have some demerits too. Unfortunately, cybercriminals including hackers and scammers can misuse AI to achieve their notorious objectives. 

Surprisingly, they can hack AI models and use them to weaken cybersecurity practices and strategies implemented at various organizations globally.

In addition to this, cyber goons can also target machine learning software to damage the overall security mechanism of any particular organization or company. 

As a result, they can attack such companies or organizations to access crucial assets and other resources including customers’ personal information, official communication, etc.

Therefore, companies or organizations must focus on applying numerous cybersecurity measures that can prevent hackers and other cyber goons from misusing AI and machine learning concepts practically. 

Use of AI and Machine Learning in different countries globally

If we talk about the use of AI and machine learning in numerous countries worldwide, you would be surprised to know that all the leading countries have already started benefiting from AI. 

These countries include the USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Australia, New Zealand etc. Compared to big countries population-wise, the use of AI and machine learning in smaller countries such as Australia and New Zealand has already increased to the next level. 

If we explore the application of AI in Australia, 2 Australian industries like natural resource management and healthcare are using the concept of AI to a great affect. 

However, the increase in the application of AI and machine learning in different Australian industries is providing countless opportunities to cyber terrorists. 

In this situation, companies or organizations working in these industries will have to rely on free Australian VPN and other cybersecurity tools to combat numerous cyber risks in a timely manner. 

Similarly, New Zealand is another country where AI has been applied in different industries accordingly. These industries are banking and financial services, e-commerce, healthcare, transportation, etc.

Likewise, companies working in such competitive industries will have to take some drastic steps to improve their performance cybersecurity-wise.

Wrapping Up

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning both are playing crucial roles in improving cybersecurity worldwide. That said, organizations or companies need to be at the top of their game to implement AI and machine learning concepts within their workplaces accordingly. 

By doing so, they can reap the rewards in the form of much-improved cybersecurity in the future. This way, they will be better positioned to tackle different kinds of cybersecurity threats in a proactive manner.

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