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Top Advantages of ReactJS
Winning the Heart of Developers

ReactJS popularity has been rising exponentially nowadays, making it a favourite among developers and businesses. It is one of the widely used open-source Javascript libraries that enables impressive web application development with minimal effort and coding. Through this article, we will provide an insight into the top advantages of ReactJS winning the hearts of developers.

ReactJS is the product of social media giant Facebook and has been proudly associated with Yahoo, BBC, Instagram, Netflix, PayPal and others. As per Similar tech research, the United States is the top user of ReactJS, followed by other developed nations.

Look at the ReactJS usage by websites across the globe in the below image.


ReactJS’s simplicity lies in using a single component to help developers break down the complex UI components into simpler ones. Using Node, ReactJS can render on the server, and moreover, developers can also create native apps using React Native.

ReactJS proves to be an advantageous option for developers looking for a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. As ReactJS have resolved the earlier problem of complex coding during the development of individual comments. Now the developers can resume codes allowing the faster execution of the projects.

Check out the below graph, which depicts the experiences of developers on the usage of ReactJS.


Checking out these astounding facts and stats of ReactJS, are you planning to hire ReactJS developer for your upcoming project? Then, you should go through the below given competitive advantages ReactJS. We are sure this article will uphold your choice.

Top competitive Advantages of ReactJS

Easy Creation of Dynamic Web Applications

Earlier it was quite challenging to create dynamic web applications, especially with Clumsy HTML strings due to the complex coding involved. React JS has solved this issue by bringing JSX into use. JSX is a syntax that allows HTML quotes and HTML tag syntax applications to render a particular subcomponent. It also supports the creation of machine-readable codes and mixing the components into one specific time variable file.

Allows Components Reuse

ReactJS allows the reuse of components that were developed for some other applications but having the same functionality. This feature acts as a major blessing for the developers.

It saves a lot of time and effort, thus helping developers complete the project faster. Moreover, as it requires less coding with ReactJS, the chances of errors are significantly less. As this enhances the speed of the application, it results in more customer retention.

Easier to Learn

For new developers especially, this is a win-win situation. If you are new to this field, it is easier to learn ReactJS as it is simpler than others. You can easily get ReactJS insights and get well versed with its features to start developing web and mobile apps in a short span.

Though ReactJS is not completely featured, it provides the advantage of an open-source JavaScript GUI library that helps execute tasks better. It is also denoted as V in MVC ( Model-View-Controller) pattern. This helps you to learn ReactJS within a short period to build highly efficient apps.

Enhanced Performance with Virtual DOM

The Document Object Model (DOM) is a cross-platform and a programming API in ReactJS that deals with HTML, XML, XHTML in a tree structure pattern where each node represents the part of the document.

Any application performance is determined by the structure on which it is fabricated. If you intend to make a high load application, this is the crucial factor you should consider during development. Talking about React, it uses Virtual DOMfor every one of the components. At whatever point users collaborate with web assets, a new Virtual DOM is made. Then actual and virtual DOM is compared to figure out where changes have occurred.

If the progressions in the Virtual DOM are risk-free, Real DOM gets refreshed. Hence no need to refresh the entire DOM each time a slight change occurs. Thus we can say that the Virtual DOM feature of ReactJS helps in the quick rendering of the enterprise application.

Most Flexible Framework

One of the best advantages of ReactJS is its flexibility. As the code of ReactJS is exceptionally straightforward, it assists with keeping up with the flexibility of the web or mobile applications. Its adaptable nature saves the organization time and the expense of application advancement. The primary focal point of this framework is to simplify the development processes. Thus ReactJS improvement has given remarkable outcomes to web development.

Run Time Performance

The present business world is centred around speed and exactness as quicker application development can make them ahead of the competition. In any case, to meet this journey for speed, entrepreneurs would prefer not to cross their budget and deadline.

With React, developers get a broad scope of conceivable outcomes that upholds them to foster quickly. In addition, it will not be beyond judgment if we say that ReactJS gives shapes to the quintessential iOS and Android codes; those are simply line codes without it.

In ReactJS, a re-render is triggered at whatever point a component changes. However, if you don't need re-rendering, you can just utilize Purecomponents. During rendering, dependency can be followed automatically. Consequently, it is clear what part requires re-rendering after the state changes. This demonstrates that ReactJS yields better runtime execution.

Code Stability

In case you are willing to design a fault tolerance UI, ReactJS development is an ideal choice as code stability is one of the crucial advantages of ReactJS, which permits reusing the codes. It additionally assists designers with performing unit tests that guarantee no framework crashes right away by creating component modules.

While talking about code stability doesn't imply that there will be no up-gradation in the framework. The stability here means that changes and headways are not challenging to take on and movement from the old form to the new form occurs clearly and smoothly.

Extensive Toolset for Developers

The ReactJS library comprises the complete toolset that assists developers with deploying and engaging features for web and mobile applications. With the help of these tools, it is simple for ReactJS developers to sort out the parent and the child components, look at the current state and props of the element, and notice component hierarchies. The two significant tools of React are

  1. React Developer Tools

These tools areChrome Developer tools add-on for the open-source JavaScript library. It assists the developers with checking the React component hierarchies in the Chrome Developer Tools.

  1. Redux Developer Tools

These tools allow live editing ( return and make changes) and provide a debugging platform for the Redux applications.


Search Engine Optimization is the utmost objective of all enterprises as it is the best way to get more natural traffic lastly, produce more income. Hence if the framework isn't SEO friendly, developers have to tackle more issues later on. ReactJS for site development gives better SEO benefits as compared to its companions.

Vast Community Support

ReactJS comes with powerful community support, which is one of the unforgettable advantages of ReactJS. A vast number of individual ReactJS developers are contributing consistently towards making React a superior frontend framework. Right now, ReactJS has achieved 136,079 stars on Github.

Along with that, React experts are routinely tackling questions on QA websites like Stack Overflow and Quora, which means if at any point you get stuck while using React, you can quickly get assured solutions from experts.

Final Words

We can conclude from the above-given advantages of ReactJS that developers can quickly develop high-end applications and repeatedly apply all changes to them using this framework. Additionally, it allows developers to work with a virtual program (DOM) that is a lot quicker and easier to use than the real one. Aside from that, it offers the more straightforward creation of intelligent UIs, component-based construction, JSX support, and many more. Hence we can say that ReactJS is a reasonable decision for organisations of all sizes.

If you need to find out more about ReactJS or have any queries related to this framework drop us a mail.

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