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How to Achieve a Crash-proof, User-friendly Media and Entertainment App with Software Development Testing

Media and entertainment (M&E) applications are highly popular, with millions of people using them to access their favorite shows, movies, news sites, music, video games, and more on any day of the week. With such high usage, M&E companies need to ensure that their apps are robust, user-friendly, and secure.

To achieve this, they need to implement a comprehensive testing process during the software development life cycle (SDLC). This is where development testing comes in.

Development testing is crucial in ensuring the quality and reliability of M&E apps. It helps development (dev) teams test their apps and provide a smooth and delightful user experience (UX) to their customers. 

Why development testing is important for your media and entertainment app

Development testing typically includes unit testing, integration testing, and functional testing. It’s important for media and entertainment app development because it helps ensure the app functions properly, performs well, and delivers a positive UX.

This can help increase customer satisfaction, reduce negative customer reviews and increase the app's success and longevity. What’s more, it can also detect and resolve bugs, compatibility issues, and security vulnerabilities before release, improving the app's stability and security. 

Top 5 benefits of development testing your media and entertainment app

As a M&E app service provider, it’s crucial to understand the role development testing plays in letting your customers say, binge-watch their favorite shows, listen to their favorite artists or indulge in games nights with their friends.

Here are the top 5 benefits of development testing your media and entertainment app: 

  1. Enhance the UI/UX

    To be a customer’s preferred M&E app, your app must have high app store ratings and good reviews, large download volumes, and ongoing user subscriptions. But a user-friendly interface is also crucial to achieving these goals. 

    Deploying the testing process from the start of the development stage will help you to build a flawless UI for your M&E application. Smooth navigation and content search, seamless functionality of all features, and easy access to any content at any time are some of the highlights of a user-friendly UI/UX.

  2. Fluctuations in user numbers

    Factors such as the holiday season or coverage of a special sports event can cause spikes in user numbers for your M&E app. These fluctuations can cause unexpected issues and dent the customer experience. Conducting stress and load testing during the app's development phase can prevent such scenarios and ensure smoother operation. 

  3. Achieve seamless and quality streaming

    Media and entertainment apps generally come with an extensive content library. What’s more, M&E apps are becoming hyper-personalizedboasting features such as selecting your favorite genres and your preferred language and more. 

    These special features enhance the customer experience but create scope for defects. These defects can impact your content streaming quality. And, in turn, remove your media platform from your customers’ choice of entertainment applications.

    Bad streaming quality will also have a direct impact on your app’s ratings and your customer acquisition. So, testing your application early and often is a must. 

  4. Meet multi-device compatibility

    Having many devices to choose from is a blessing for users but a challenge for M&E providers. To ensure compatibility, M&E apps must be designed to work on various devices with differing screen sizes and software.

    It's crucial to not discriminate against any users, so developers must also test their apps on the many devices available to customers. 

  5. Maintain data privacy and security

    It’s crucial to protect the security and privacy of your customers with cutting-edge security measures. From facial recognition software to account IDs, passwords, and payment gateways, there are many ways to safeguard your M&E application.

    With users entrusting you with their sensitive information, such as their payment details, it's crucial to put your application's security to the test. That's where development testing comes in – constantly monitoring and strengthening the security of your app from the start of the SDLC to ensure a safe and breach-proof experience for all users.

Summing up

Development testing plays a critical role in ensuring the success of your M&E application. By frequently testing your app during the SDLC, you can detect and resolve functional defects, security vulnerabilities, and much more early in the development process. This will ensure a stable and secure media app with enhanced UI/UX.

The testing process will help provide a smooth and delightful user experience, increase customer satisfaction and retention, and also reduce negative comments on M&E customer review sites.

Investing in development testing is an essential aspect of building a crash-proof, user-friendly media and entertainment app. By implementing application development testing, you can ensure that your M&E application delivers a seamless and enjoyable experience to your customers. This is essential for maintaining a competitive edge in today's highly competitive M&E market.

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