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5 Key Marketing Metrics Your Clients Actually Care About

When you are working on a marketing campaign for your clients, there are certain things that they look out for that they need to see before they consider the campaign a successful one.

Investing time, energy and resources in marketing metrics that your clients do not really care about will be a waste. Marketing metrics work hand in hand with key performance indicators.

Marketing metrics give teams a clear picture of how successful a marketing campaign is and how well (or not) it is tracking toward KPI.

The metrics that each marketing team focuses on usually depend on lots of factors including the desires of their clients and the type of audience they are working with.

This article focuses on enlightening marketing agencies in the UK about marketing metrics that resonate with UK clients. This way there is a targeted effort towards the marketing campaign which increases the chances of satisfying your clients.

5 Key Marketing Metrics Your UK Clients Actually Care About

  1. Return on Investment (ROI)

  2. Cost Per Lead (CPL)

  3. Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

  4. Website Conversion Rate

  5. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

Return on Investment (ROI)

Marketing campaigns need monetary, time and mental investments. If you run a digital marketing agency, your UK clients are responsible for the cost (monetary aspect), while the agency is responsible for the creative aspects (mental and time).

The ROI your clients expect differs on their goal(s) at that particular time. They may be expecting higher visibility, brand awareness, sales, more followers (if they are on social media platforms), or just an email list.

Calculating your ROI is quite easy if you know the formula - subtract the marketing costs from your investment value/sales growth, then divide by the marketing cost.

For instance, if the marketing campaign costs you $2,500 your investment value is $10,000, then your simple ROI is 300%. 

For those that operate in the UK market, some tips that can help you maximise your marketing ROI include understanding the audience you are working with, leveraging your data analytics, budgeting wisely and working with clearly defined goals.

Cost Per Lead (CPL)

If the goal of your UK client is to generate new leads, then this is the right metric to use. Cost Per Lead involves considering how much it will cost you to gain a new potential customer for your sales team.

The cost per lead metric is an excellent way to determine the success of a campaign and discusses how much resources a business needs to spend to gain a new potential customer.

The aim of any business is to reduce how much they spend on cost per lead while still getting quality leads. So, you can say that businesses aim to get the same quality leads while spending less than they usually do.

This can be achieved by remarketing and retargeting; giveaways, contests or discounts; optimising landing pages and cost on social media, etc.

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

This metric focuses more on how valuable a customer is to your company, i.e. the total earnings from the customer's initial and repeat purchases.

This focuses on UK businesses that are trying to separate clients worth retaining from clients who are merely occupying space but have never generated revenue.

To calculate customer lifetime value, you multiply the customer value by the average customer lifespan. The result is then the revenue that a particular UK resident generates for a business in the course of his/her relationship with the business.

By increasing customer lifetime value, you can improve your customer experience and build loyalty. Understand your customers, build quality relationships with them and reward the loyalty of long-time active customers.

Website Conversion Rate

The aim of any website is to have as many visitors as possible because some of those visitors are possible leads. This is what website conversion rates are all about - turning website visitors into customers (leads).

When it comes to knowing what website theme will convert more, it is advised to use A/B testing where you use different designs, colours, and font styles to know which one your visitors choose more.

The one that converts more is the one that gets the most sales and revenue for you. To optimise your conversion rate, you can invest in mobile-friendly, faster page speed, concise headlines with bold visuals, and reduced on-page distractions.

Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)

When a person visiting your page or website, they are like that crush you wish to become your girlfriend. You get into a talking stage with them, you spend time and resources trying to get them to accept to date you.

That’s what customer acquisition simply entails - calculating the resources and time you spend trying to convert a customer to buy a product/service from you and comparing it with how much they spent.

It lets you know whether the amount you spent trying to convert was worth it or whether the amount of products the customer bought brought enough profit to cover the cost spent trying to convert them.


The metrics that have been mentioned in this article cover what any client would use to measure the success of a marketing campaign.

Other marketing metrics to consider include cost per lead, click-through rate, bounce rate, engagement rates, qualified leads, impressions, etc.

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