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10 Different Types Of Software Development

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By Tarun Nagar

Software development has been in demand for a significant number of years now and there is no slowing down in the future too. The reason behind this is its ability to represent businesses and companies in the competitive job market. It has been recently declared software development services have the largest number of job opportunities in the U.S. and other parts of the world.

The demand for software developers is constantly growing and the diversity in the type of work of software developers has also been spreading widely. More will be the skillset, more will be the opportunities provided for working in various types of custom software development company. The 10 types of software development are as follows.

1. Web Development

This is what will make the future. All people who want to learn development, most of them are going for web development and the reason is its increasing popularity. It is a type of development that provides people with the websites that they browse through when they want to read the news or post something or play something online. These websites are innovating with development and innovation in the website development industry.

A web development company has a great scope in the future. A big reason for it goes to the smartphones and affordable prices of internet packages. Websites are getting smarter and smarter, the credit of this goes to APIs. They have allowed web developers to do much more than what people think about. There have been so many web development projects that have used this to plug in a lot of useful features.

2. Mobile Development

If we go back 10 years, we might see that there was no big role in mobile development. Before Android and iOS there mobile app development companies were not that popular. Today, with so many mobile development programming languages and frameworks it is the most popular type of development. There are two development industries that young people want to join and they are web development and mobile app development.

A mobile app development company makes application either for Android or for iOS. There are some that develop for both and there are some that develop cross-platform applications. This development type has really innovated itself above what normal people could have thought about.

3. Data Science

The future of technology and business is data. Large data set are very hard to understand and even harder to simplify and use to find something that can be useful. Data science is the type of development in which programming is done to understand and use large data sets.

This is done to make them useful for companies like CRM development company. This is necessary for the world because research and data are the only two things that will keep the economy and future technology relevant and strong.

4. Application Development

App development, this is not about mobile app development that has already been covered in the mobile development area. This is about the desktop app development that is either done for Windows, Mac, or Linux. Windows is the more popular operating system and most of the apps in the type of development are made for it. These applications help business and general users to complete different tasks for which they are meant.

5. Back-end Development

There are two main parts of software development services, one is the front end that we see and interact with. The other is the one that helps the whole structure work the way it is needed to work. The second part that handles how things happen in the software is called back-end. To be specific, the coding part of the application is back-end and the design part is the front-end. This is the part on which a website or software runs on. This can be termed as cement and bricks to a house.

6. Cloud Computing

Cloud is the space that is hosted over servers. These servers are virtual and they have data centers where all the data on the cloud-based software and servers are safely stored. Cloud computing is the faster-growing type of internet development. The reason behind this is that they are efficient for working and costing that companies and users have to incur. They are also growing as a replacement to the traditional in-house software for enterprises.

7. API Development

API or Application Programming Interface is the development of something extensible. These are sort of plugins that can be used with different software to enhance their usability and to provide them with extra features. This is the development type that has decreased the load of developing some basic features for a web development company or a mobile app development company. APIs make the development industry productive.

8. Security Software Development

This can also be known as ethical hacking software. This type of development concentrates on the security of websites or software for desktops and mobiles. They develop clients or other software that save a device from online threats and from unwanted intrusions. An example of a product of this type of development can be an antivirus. This can also be integrated within an application or website to keep the data and access in them safe.

9. Software Tools Development

This is one type that is not for general people. It is especially for the developers and development companies. A mobile app development company or a custom software development company needs tools. These tools are developed in this type of development. These may be text editors or the tools that allow developers either to convert or modify their code. These tools enhance the quality of the software.

10. Embedded Systems Development

Everything in this world will be connected to the internet in some days because of IoT. This the reason why embedded systems development is getting popular and finding its ground in the development sector. Developers need to know Embedded C, Assembler, Arduino, Java, and Python to be able to develop an Embedded System.


All types of development mentioned above are important as of now. There are many other types of developments but they are not as popular as the above 10. Developers in the world have a lot of scope and they just need to know which niche is best for them. Develop your interest, learn all the relevant skills and concepts, there will be a lot of opportunities in the world.

Author Bio

Tarun Nagar

Tarun Nagar is the Founder & CEO of Dev Technosys web and mobile app development company USA. With 10+ years of experience of enabling then Start-ups which are now global leaders with creative solutions, he is differentiated by out-of-the-box IT solutions throughout the domain. He is known for his visionary qualities and adaptability for technology and trends, passionate as he is in every aspect dedicated to making IT simple, accessible and approachable for business enterprises.

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