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10 Must-Read iOS Development Books for Beginners

The iOS development industry is undeniably both thriving and exhilarating. Whether your ambition is to create iPhone apps as a personal hobby or to carve out a successful career within this expansive field, acquiring the requisite knowledge to develop an app is essential. In any case, you need iOS development books - this is food for your mind and development as a developer. Here we will list books that will help you master iOS programming languages, user interface design for iOS, App Store entrepreneurship, etc.


Best iOS Books For Mobile App Development

1 UIKit Apprentice

For those new to iOS app development, this book is an excellent starting point. The screenshots and illustrations make it super easy to understand even the trickiest ideas. Divided into different learning sections, it guides you progressively from basic to advanced topics. Throughout your path here, making different apps will give you plenty of chances to learn through direct experience. By the end of this, you'll know how to bring your app ideas to life and make them work perfectly.

2 iOS 17 Programming for Beginners

Embark on your iOS app development journey with Swift 5.9, Xcode 15, and iOS 17. Dive into this resource full of interactive assignments that show how to harness recent iOS tools effectively and develop solid app creations. When you learn Swift, you're not just sticking to one thing. You'll also discover different tech topics and other programming languages that go hand-in-hand with it. Dive into learning professional design strategies and transforming your applications so they run smoothly on iPads, Macs, as well as with visionOS technology. It really has all the tools you need for top-notch iOS development.

3 Mastering Swift 5

This book covers everything you need to know about using Swift for the latest iPhone and iPad versions. If you're looking to understand Swift thoroughly, starting with the basics is just right for you. The ideas are laid out clearly and briefly, with real-world examples to help you grasp the material as you study.

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4 The Swift Programming Language

Once you've mastered software development in any language, learning Swift and its syntax becomes much easier. Apple provides a free online documentation book that can guide you through the process effortlessly.

5 Cracking the Coding Interview

Planning to become an iOS Developer? This is the one book you should read ahead of any important interviews coming up soon. You won't only learn about iOS and Swift here. We make sure you get a grasp of essential computer science subjects too, which you'll encounter frequently. Tackling these problems now will help you feel ready and sure when faced with different types of questions later on.

6 Data Structures & Algorithms in Swift

To get the most out of this book, you'll need a basic understanding of iPhone app development. We examine exactly how this code runs and take it further than what’s available with only Swift's default libraries. The true worth lies in how it highlights and emphasizes talking about Swift specifically. Ready to take your understanding of Swift up a notch? Grab this excellent read; it’s loaded with practical tips and deep knowledge that will definitely elevate your coding game.

7 iOS Programming: The Big Nerd Ranch Guid

To fully benefit from this book, it's ideal to have a grasp of Swift basics. As one of the top resources for aspiring iPhone app developers, it draws from Big Nerd Ranch Bootcamp materials. Starting out in app development? This guide offers clear instructions for newbies looking to build their first iPhone app without getting overwhelmed by technical jargon. This program stands out because it emphasizes getting hands-on experience over just learning theories. You'll spend more time actually doing the work, rather than sitting through lectures.

8 Core Data: Updated for Swift 4

If you're diving into Core Data on iOS, I highly recommend the objc series of books. This particular book on Core Data is a must-read, guiding you from the basics to advanced topics. It delves deep into the subject, helping you understand its mechanics thoroughly. While Core Data isn't the only persistence option, if you choose it, this book is indispensable.

9 Head First Design Patterns

As a developer, understanding design patterns is crucial when facing recurring problems. Although it uses Java examples, its concepts are invaluable. You might not use all the patterns, but you'll definitely find some, like singleton, abstract factory, and observer, useful. Check out the 'Head First' series after mastering iOS basics for an informative read. Combined with books from FictionMe, you can learn more about design patterns and stimulate your memory, brain power. There is no such thing as too much reading.

10 Clean Code

Robert C. Martin is a legend in software development, and his book is a must-read classic. As a software professional, you should read it to learn how to write better, cleaner code. I read it years ago, and it significantly improved my development skills. I believe it will do the same for you.


You will have to combine knowledge from different books to achieve a really good result. The learning process also requires practice. Combine more sources so that you can better understand iOS programming.

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