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How Humor Can Help You in Education

You must have heard about Charlie Chaplin. He was one of the best entertainers of his era. His work was to entertain people from his humor acts. He once said, “A day without laughter is a day wasted.”

One of the best blessings is humor. According to psychology, laughing creates chemicals that lead to happiness. You never know, a good joke or a humorous action can change someone’s day. However, the pros list doesn’t end here, do you know that humor can also help in education as well?

Let’s imagine you are sitting in a class and your teacher assigns you to draft an essay (123helpme is a place where you can get help to write any kind of writing). You have been working for about 2 hours. You will be dying to get out of that class because you lost all the interest in that subject. If the lecturer keeps you engage with some humor acts, then you never want to leave that class. The reason is that humor creates positive feelings which will grab one’s attention and sustains it.

Charlie Chaplin

What is Humor?

According to psychology, humor signifies that something which makes anyone laugh. It can either be a comment or an act. In other words, humor can be in the form of verbal or nonverbal communication.

What are the Benefits of Humor in Learning?

Humor helps students in their learning process. This happens because humor leads to positive feelings. This not only entertains the class but keep them on track so that they don't get bored. Below are the reasons for how humor can result in proper learning.

Positive Learning Atmosphere

Because of the positive effect of humor, it builds a pleasant as well as an enjoyable learning environment. Furthermore, it can reduce anxiety. Let’s imagine a difficult numerical came up and students are worried about it. However, humor can reduce it up to a high level because it will help students to relax and think clearly.

Humor can also build student’s confidence so that they can communicate with their lecturer properly. However, too much use of humor isn't a good thing because it will lead to non-serious learners who think the lecture or subject is a joke.

Enhances Attention and Interest

In addition, humor also increases the attention as well as the interest of the learner. Instead of giving 2 – 3 hours of lectures, a few jokes can maintain the concentration of learners as well as increase the interest. In other words, if they expect something funny, they are more likely to stay on the same page as you.

Strengthens Teacher-Student Bond

The relationship between teacher and students matters a lot. If the relationship is weak then it might lead to chaos. However, adding humor in lectures can create a good teacher-student bond.

Improves Recall and Aids Learning

You will be surprised to know that humor also helps in reminding or recalling process. Students are more likely to remember humor which, in result, helps to remember all the important information.

Improves Divergent Thinking Skills

Last but not least, it also develops a student's thinking ability. In other words, humor can lead to creativity. When a teacher or lecturer cracks a joke or do a humor act, it helps students use divergent thinking process. This can build up their creativity, however, the responses might seem illogical or incompatible but they are unique which ultimately increases student's thinking skills.

Humor Strategies

There are many ways to make your students laughing. This doesn’t mean that you dress up like a clown and make fool out of yourself. Do remember that the primary objective is to make the environment engaging for better learning. Below are some good humor strategies.


Everyone loves a good joke. Even Aristotle said, “The Gods too are fond of a joke”. You can always come up with a good joke with sync-up with your lectures. However, you can even use wrong grammar just to bring a laugh on your student's face.

Laughing on Your Mistakes

We all are humans and making a mistake is a part of our life. You can turn that mistake into humor, for example, misspelling, wrong dates, etc.

Funny Images or Videos

Funny images or videos are guaranteed to bring a laugh on student's faces. Start as well as end your lecture with a funny image or video to entertain the class.


All people must receive education but sometimes it can be difficult for both, the student as well as the lecturer. To maintain the student's focus and keep them engage, humor can play a vital role in teaching. A few jokes or some kind of humor act can bring a laugh to student's faces, however, many teachers don't think it is necessary but, as a matter of fact, humor is important in the learning process otherwise students will get bored and eventually give up.


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