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Are You Ready for Halloween?
Here are 6 Things You Can Do on the Day

People love Halloween. It's when you can dress up and act like someone else without being judged. It's a weird holiday that celebrates death, yet we also celebrate life. You can have fun on this day while getting a chance to eat yummy food with family and friends.


You already have a costume planned, but what else can you do today? How about after trick or treating? Or, if you're not a kid anymore, you can use them to come up with new recipes that no one has ever tried before or bake some fun candies. You can even set a scary ambiance at home or in your backyard. Hence, here are some things you can do on Halloween. 

1. Prepare Your Costume

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays globally, but it can also be a time when trouble comes knocking on people's doors. 

Scary costumes can draw attention to you, particularly if you're in an area with many trick-or-treaters. If you can prevent unwanted attention by dressing appropriately, you'll have a better chance of having a fun night out.

Here are some tips for dressing for Halloween:

  • Costumes need to be age-appropriate. For children under 12, it's best to stick with cute costumes that won't draw much attention. The same goes for adults. An adult costume that makes you look like a 15-year-old will not be well received.
  • Ensure your costume reflects your personality and doesn't include offensive elements or make you look like an obvious thief. You might want to avoid masks — they could attract unwanted attention from law enforcement or other authorities. 
  • Ensure your costume is safe and doesn't contain any harmful items (like needles).
  • Choose something that fits your lifestyle and the activities you plan on doing during the holiday. A costume based on a superhero might not work well if you're going out with friends at a bar to watch football instead of trick-or-treating.

2. Play Your Favourite Casino Game

If you are not yet in the Halloween spirit, you might want to play your favorite casino game.

You could go for something spooky like Blood Suckers or Blood Suckers 2. Or you could opt for a classic like Jack Hammer or Jack Hammer 2. This NetEnt slot series has been around for so long that it is almost a tradition.

Alternatively, you could check and go for something more traditional like Dracula. If you are a fan of classic horror movies, this might be the slot to play on Halloween. Remember that every win comes with a free spin and an extra wild symbol. 

3. Make Some Halloween Treats

Sweet treats are one of the hallmarks of Halloween, so why not make some yourself? You can make cupcakes or brownies to give to trick-or-treaters who visit your home. If you don't want to bake something, you can always buy some sweets and package them yourself with Halloween-themed gift wrapping paper and ribbons.

4. Have a Plan for What You Want to Watch

It's time to decide what movies and TV shows you want to binge-watch on Halloween night. There are some great horror movies and sitcom Halloween episodes that are must-sees every year — but what about this year? 

It is a great time to start looking for the streaming movie services like Netflix for something new or get started on that old classic you've never seen before but wanted to try out.

5. Stock Up Now on Candy (Don't Wait Until the Last Minute)

The last thing you want to be doing on Halloween night is running around trying to find candy. So if you're planning to hand out candy or have a party, buy some now. You can stock up at dollar stores or discount stores, where prices are lower than in supermarkets. 

Even if you don't plan to buy candy-filled treat bags for trick-or-treaters, you might want to have some sweets on hand for your kids or any unexpected guests who show up at your door.

6. Read Scary Stories Aloud

The internet is full of scary stories that you can read aloud or have someone else read to you. The scariest stories don't have to be long, either. Check out these short scary stories if you don't want anything too in-depth or these longer creepy stories if you're ready to delve into some dark topics.


If you're short on time or have kids who are home and still awake, try listening to some scary podcasts instead. Podcasts like Lore and Spooked tell true stories that will give everyone the chills.

Be Ready to Enjoy Halloween!

Whether or not you celebrate Halloween, this list should help you have a fun time on the spookiest day of the year. So keep it in mind and have yourself a Happy Halloween!

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