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Quick Winter Prepping Guide for Any Household

As the colder months approach, you need to start getting ready to winterize your outdoor equipment and be ready for the cold. You might be fine and cozy indoors already, but there's always some form of preparation you can get done to help you stay at your best this upcoming winter.

Winter prepping is easy, and it doesn't take long, which is good because you have plenty of time to prepare. Doing it earlier is a lot better because it lets you meticulously make your list and double-check if you miss anything. Here are some things on your list you may have missed.

Extra winter clothing and accessories

Nearly anyone who lives somewhere cold has a winter coat and a fuzzy sweaters selection, but you could always use more. Your coat should be good, but you can always add extra sweaters for cold-weather layering, which doubles as a great fashion trend. Likewise, extra scarves, gloves, earmuffs, mitts, and toques for your car or work are excellent additions for your winter prepping. You never know when you might need them.

Stock up on food

The change in season can mean a change in what's available. The cost to ship food during the winter can rise, but food storage kits can come in handy, especially if you ever get into an emergency where food is harder to come by. You never know when a blizzard could hit or your grocery store is running low on necessities, so stocking up in the coming months is a safe bet.

Winterizing your vehicle and small engine machines

Switching out your summer or all-season tires for true winter tires will help keep you safe on any trip or commute. You can even purchase chains for your tires if you live somewhere where the roads get extra slippery and snow-packed. You should also get extra bottles of anti-freeze and de-icing windshield washer fluid. For small engines, you should remove the gas in your lawnmower, whipper snipper, or chainsaw and keep them in a case or wrapped in a tarp. The best place is in your garage, so they can remain slightly less cold than a regular toolshed, but make do with what you can.

Sealing any cracks or leaks in your home

Last but not least, you want to shore up any cracks or leaks in any seals of your home. The worst spots are under doors and in window sealing. These leaks or cracks can let in the excess cold, which will make your home less-than-ideal for comfort and cost you a lot on lost heat when trying to warm your home. You can add doorway air stoppers and reseal window cracks with caulking to keep your home free of that icy wind. Keeping your home warm is important for feeling nice and cozy, but also for your energy bill costs.

As you can see, prepping your home for the winter isn't all that difficult. The biggest thing you have going for you now is that you have plenty of time to get your checklist completed, and these are some you should finish while you have a leg up in winter.

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