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Essential Winter Lawn Care Tips for
a Healthier Yard Next Spring

winter lawn care

Whether you want to believe it or not, winter is right around the corner. It's never too early to start brushing up on lawn care tips to prep for the white stuff.

Keep reading to find the best winter lawn care tips for starting next spring off on the right foot.

Know When to Mow

Mow every 10 to 14 days during the autumn months until the leaves have all fallen. This way, leaves won't smother the lawn. This mowing frequency ensures it's a healthy length in preparation for winter.

Learn how often to mow in the months leading up to the colder months. Aim to mow two or three times before the first frost of the season. Try not to cut it too short as it can put stress on the lawn and cause it to hibernate early or even die.

Mow the Leaves

This is one of our favorite winter lawn tips because it's so much easier than the alternative.

Most people have been conditioned to rake and bag leaves as they fall from the trees. Instead of breaking your back raking, try turning your leaves to mulch instead.

Wait until they're crunchy and then use your mower to break them into tiny pieces. The leaf particles act as mulch, protecting your lawn and impeding weed growth next season.

Aerate and Fertilize

Aerating is a non-negotiable part of your winter lawn maintenance. Aeration perforates soil to boost airflow and allow water and nutrients to reach the roots.

Use an aerator before the first frost on a day when the soil is moist but not soggy. The grass should be actively growing still when you aerate.

Aeration allows fertilizer to penetrate the lawn to protect its roots during winter.

Fertilize your lawn after aeration is complete. The right fertilizer will help strengthen your grass roots for springtime. Visit your local home improvement store to find which fertilizer is best for your climate.

Clean It Off

One of the easiest tips for preparing your lawn for winter is to clean it up before cold weather strikes. Don't leave debris, leaves (unless you're mulching them), furniture, or toys out over the winter.

Anything left on the lawn can smother the grass or cause diseases. These items can also invite critters like mice to your yard.

Watch the Salt

You may use salt to clear icy pathways during the winter months. You may want to reconsider whether salt is the right medium to use to combat ice. Not only can it damage your driveway and walkways, but it can also wreak havoc on your lawn.

Any de-icing product with salt in it can cause a physiological drought on your lawn. This can lead to poor nutrition uptake and bare spots and lawn care after winter difficult.

Search for de-icers with calcium chloride instead. It works faster and melts more snow than salt melts.

Winter Lawn Care Made Easy

You don't need to spend weeks prepping your lawn for the winter. Our winter lawn care tips will take just a few hours and provide a good starting point for next spring.

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