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Winter Landscaping Tips

People invest time, effort, and love towards their garden, and it’s only natural that they want to make it look great the whole year-round. However, winter is very challenging for homeowners and gardeners because the cold weather can harm the plants, shrubs, and trees, especially in snowy regions.

It can be such a dull and dreary time with everything looking so white and gray. Still, since Las Vegas is among the sunniest regions in North America, snowfall is rare. Despite this, there is still much to learn when it comes to landscaping Las Vegas homes.

Inexperienced gardeners might think that everything would die during this season. However, you’ll be relieved to know that you can continue your landscaping with enough planning. By preparing for the cold temperatures and being well-equipped with the knowledge of what to do, you can have a beautiful and colorful landscape that will be envied by everyone. There are plenty of ways to ensure that the garden can be healthy and lovely, even during the cold season.

Ways to Maintain the Garden During Winter

Many winter nights are well above freezing temperatures. However, landscaping Las Vegas gardens should still account for harsh frost and cold climate. You must ensure that the soil stays nourished and warm, and everything must be protected enough because of many potential risks. You can also get expert advice from the tree and landscaping service in Elk Grove.

As the daylight hours get shorter in the season, some adjustments have to be made regarding plant care and garden landscaping. Here are some tips to help you.

  1. Cover the thin-barked trees.
    Wintertime is a harsh season for young trees or any tree with thin barks because they get exposed to extreme temperatures and heavy wind. These kinds of trees have the risk of sunscald, and they need help to survive. If you can't maintain your landscapes during winters, simply hire commercial grounds maintenance from ViridianLight.

    The tree bark expands in warm temperatures, and because it contracts during the cold, it can split. Wrapping the bark will give them protection, no matter if you use a burlap or plastic tree guard. Such wraps also protect the tree from deer, rodents, or other animals that might harm it.

  2. Fertilize your lawns.
    Fertilizing the garden is a significant factor in ensuring that it is ready for the winter. About six weeks before the first freeze, fertilize your lawn so it will be rich in nutrients. It will help the grass survive the cold season and also prepares it for the spring.

    But don’t use fertilizer excessively because it can cause an unwanted effect. Instead of being good for the garden, it may harm plant roots, damage plant tissues, or even kill plants.

    Landscaping Las Vegas lawns may be relatively easier compared to other states because of the milder weather. Still, the plants need to be properly fertilized and nourished. Buy a slow-release fertilizer so it will be in perfect timing for the plants to bloom in several months. It minimizes work that must be done after the winter while also ensuring that the land stays healthy.

  3. Fill your garden with all-season perennials.
    gh planning, a garden can still look beautiful. For the lawn to stay colorful even during the winter, it's best to choose perennials with evergreen foliage. They’re great for winter landscaping because they are vibrant. They also add additional coverage.

    Some all-season perennials that will look good include prairie dropseed and bluestem grasses, which produced differently-colored foliage. Perennials are a staple to winter gardening, so choose a great variety of them. Some people also like getting winter berries, beautyberry, winterberry, and crabapple.

  4. Mulch the garden & tree beds.
    The frost will definitely affect the garden, so they need all the protection that they can get. Apply mulch around trees, shrubs, and plants to add extra protection for the winter.

    Make the use of gardening tools to compact and shape the mulch better. Even just a 2-inch layer can bring many benefits like helping control erosion and water loss. It also maintains the soil temperature and keeps the roots warm, protecting them from the cold frost.

    Don't go overboard when covering the trunk because mulch also holds moisture, which may increase the risk of the trunk to rot. Snow doesn’t really get that bad, so landscaping Las Vegas backyards has its advantages too.

  5. Protect blooming flowers.
    Flowers should be covered and protected from frost and cold nights. Watering the area around the plants at night will already help the plants from freezing. The moisture from the wet soil will raise the temperature, keeping the plants warm. Avoid using much water, as it can lead to flood damage in your garden.

    Cover the plants at night with old sheets, cloth, cardboard boxes, or newspapers and weigh them down with rocks or bricks. When the morning comes, remove the covers. Some people choose to cover individual plants with old plastic jugs or even jars. Those are also good to use; however, using plastic to cover the plants can trap moisture and increase the risk of harm.

  6. Remove leaves and debris.
    It is essential to keep raking even in the winter; otherwise, debris might accumulate. If it builds up, the environment can develop mold and fungus that can stunt or kill the growth of new grass. And mold removalis not as easy as it seems. These leaves and debris also prevent the sunlight from reaching the ground, which can cause the lawn to die. The grass might end up having brown patches of dead grass because it did not thrive.

    Thus, keep raking every few days to keep the garden looking green and beautiful. When you take time to remove the debris, the risk of disease and insects will lessen.

Contact professionals in landscaping Las Vegas homes

For landscape design, renovation, and maintenance, contact professional landscaping companies and contractors like Highlight your garden’s beauty and help them achieve their potential. Landscaping Las Vegas gardens can be tough for new gardeners, especially with the changing seasons. Let experts give you some sound advice today.

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