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Spend Less, Save More with Windows

Windows are more valuable than one might think. Installing new vinyl windows can add as much as $12,000 to a home's selling price, making them a desirable feature for modern buyers. Energy efficiency is a major factor in why windows are so valuable. Energy Star windows are highly sought after, with 89% of buyers stating they are essential and 73% wanting windows with 3 panes of insulating glass.

Not only do good windows reduce a home's utility bill by maintaining a consistent temperature, but they also provide significant savings on heating and cooling costs. Additionally, when replacing single-pane windows, homeowners can save up to 1,006-6,205 pounds of CO2 per year, making it a positive impact for the planet as well. The installation of new windows also provides a high return on investment, with an average of 68% ROI, providing $6,750 back in homeowners' pockets for $10,000 spent.

Learn more about vinyl window replacement cost in the infographic below:

Spend Less, Save More with Windows


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