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10 Window Framing Repair Tips

A window frame is the configuration of the head, jambs and sill that creates an exact opening into which a window sash sticks. Their complicated combinations can make anyone think that repairing window frames may be hard and complicated. But is it really tough to repair window framings? Do you always need professionals to come and repair your window frame? 

10 Tips to Repair Window Frames

Window frames not only hold the window glasses in place but also help to protect your home. Usually, a regular window frame can have 30 years lifespan. However, they can deteriorate because of poor care and exposure to bad weather like storms, heavy-rain or snowfall. So, keeping them in good condition, with prolonging lifespan, is a must.

In addition, homeowners need to understand that repairing any damaged window frame requires everyday maintenance; but, can be astonishingly easier than it sounds. Here we look at precise and straightforward 10 window framing repair tips for you to quickly know the process.

1. Repair or Replace?

First things first, you need to check the damage on your window frame to determine whether it needs fixing or replacing. If you are living in a freezing and wet condition, the window frame might be damaged to an extent where repairing is not enough.

So, when should you replace? If your window frame is damaged more than 10 percent from its initial condition, make sure to replace the whole frame as soon as possible. The best window frame for damp conditions is vinyl windows.

2. Importance of Tools

If the area or city you live in is usually cold and rainy, keep tools in your house at all times. For example, you will need tools like a chisel, best screwdriver sets, and brushes to remove rotten parts from your window frame.

The chisel and screwdriver are helpful in scrapping the damaged areas, and brush can remove stains and clean the surface. In addition, you might also need a driller. The driller can help you in drilling holes which are required to create holes for screws to attach frames with the main window structure. 

3. Painting the Frames 

Before painting the repaired part of the window frames, make sure to keep the surface clean and dust-free. Then use high-quality acrylic painters to paint. You can cover that paint with another layer of external paint. Epoxy resin is favourable to enamel since it enables moisture to escape. If you follow this process and repaint window frames every 3-5 years, you can maintain them from going damaged.

4. Be Gentle with Wooden Frames

Old wooden frames use compound glazing to keep the glass in position. If it becomes loose or breaks parts, you should scrape them out. To repair the window frame, prime the surface and apply a fresh putty. Once the substance is dry, the windowpane should be painted to cover the surface.

5. Maintain Window Frames According to Your Weather Condition

Humid and stormy weather is the cause behind your window frame to swell, which can lead to clusters. These jams may even cause difficulty in the opening window in dry-sunny days as well.

You can fix this by cleaning the frames thoroughly and spraying domestic lubricant sprays. Be careful not to add an excessively thick coat when painting window frames, as this might again lead to jamming problems in the future.

6. Fixing the Rotten Parts

In case of DIY window framing repair, cut away rotten parts with chisel or screwdriver, but make sure at least 2 extra centimetres are cut to ensure that only solid wood stays. Remove all dust and debris.

Mend thin, epoxy wood filler spots. For large holes, a piece of woodcut in the same size can be used to patch them. Glue the piece in place and use a wood preservative to paint both frame and patch. Sand and fill every gap or crack with wood filler once the glue is totally dry.

7. Seal Your Home from Temperature Disruption

When your window frames cause cold or hot air to get into your house, the energy efficiency of your house will be decreased, leading to a rather uncomfortable atmosphere and higher electricity bills. Check the rubber seals of the frames and repair any worn-out seals. This will prevent moisture from penetrating into the house. 

8. Fixing UPVC Frames

Frames of Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride (uPVC) prove to be relatively stable. However, they also can break, get scratched or generate holes. In this case, you can patch uPVC window frames with PVC gap fillers, which comes in liquid or powder form.9.

9. Safety Protections

Use safety protection when dealing with broken glass. Make sure to use heavy-duty gloves to clean glass from the floor, or remove fragments from the frame. When removing glass from the window frame, make sure also to use protective eye gear. Duct tapes are extremely handful when painting or reattaching the glass with the frame.

For instance, when you paint the frame, you should tape the sides of the frame to prevent colour from spreading across the whole window. In addition, duct tapes can also be used to repair broken frames when they are still stable partially. If the fracture can hold the weight of the glass or whole window, you can use duct tapes initially before help arrives your way.

10. Be Knowledgeable to Save Money

Finally, if you have all the hardware at your disposal and know-how in your brain, you can be sure that repairing the window frames will be as easy as boiling water. The process is not as hard as it seems and saves you a lot of trouble from waiting for professionals.

Moreover, it can save you thousands of dollars from replacing the whole window. All you need to make sure is that you are protected and have functioning safety tools before you start repairing window frames at home. Of course, in extreme cases, the best option is to call for help from professional services.


Window frames can be delicate at times when you are living in extreme conditions. In regular weather, window frames can save your home for years after years with minor damages. In situations like this, you may need to repair window frames on your own. These 10 window framing repair tips can save you a lot of trouble and guide you in repairing your window frames easily and comfortably.

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