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Why Moth Control is Necessary?

Moths are winged pests that look like butterflies. They belong to the Lepidoptera family. Approximately, 160,000 species of moths exist worldwide. Moths may not bite humans but can cause massive destruction to food, clothes and upholstery products. To roam freely in the garden, it is necessary to get rid of these nasty creatures. Moth control Brisbane specialists can be hired for the removal of these pests. If you don’t control these moths on time, they can become problematic. Here is why moth control holds utmost importance:

  • Moth Control Saves Your Clothes

Clothes moths cause severe damage to fabrics. The larvae of the moths make holes in the fabrics. These pests crawl on the clothes made up of leather, wool and cotton. You can find the moth dander, stains and holes on the clothes that get destroyed by the moths. When the clothes spoiled by the moths are worn by the humans, they get skin allergies. In commercial and residential places, the clothes moths cause large-scale destruction.

To protect the vintage dresses and clothes inventory, it is crucial to get the moth control done. The experts know a variety of techniques and have different products that are helpful in eradicating moths.

  • Pest Control Prevents Food Contamination

Pantry moths attack various kinds of products like cereals, nuts, flour, spices, candies, dried fruits, and grains. These pests sometimes contaminate food items by laying eggs. Adult female pantry moths can lay hundreds of eggs. This is why is it risky to leave the moth infestation untreated. In food warehouses and pantries, it is not possible to use mothballs. But, the experts know the safest ways to remove the larvae and adult moths without causing harm to the food inventory.

Pest control Brisbane specialists can remove the pantry moths by using a systematic plan. Firstly, they inspect a place and find out the breeding places. They also find the entry points and seal them to prevent the entry of the moths.

Next, professionals spray pesticides or use a fumigation machine to sprinkle the chemicals all over the place. These days, odour-free and health-friendly pesticides are used to exterminate moths. After killing the moths, the experts remove the dander and sanitise the place.

  • Professional Treatment Protects Upholstery Products

Rugs, carpets, sofa covers, doormats, and other upholstery products get damaged by the moths. These pests chew and degrade the upholstery products. The moths lay eggs under the carpets. The dander stuck in the carpet can be detrimental to human health. So, it is beneficial to hire experts soon after discovering the initial signs of infestation.

Bonus Tips: Ways to Prevent Moths

Many businesses and house owners face losses because of moths. Professional pest control is a solution to the problem of moth infestation. But it is not possible to book professional service every other day. It is crucial to follow some prevention tips to keep the moths away from clothes and food.

  • Whenever you enter your home, brush your woollen or fur clothes properly.
  • Expensive dresses and bedding should be stored in air-tight containers.
  • Keep your house dry as moisture attracts the pests.
  • Wash the clothes with hot water if you find holes in them. Hot water can kill the moth eggs.
  • Holes, gaps, and voids in the doors and windows must be sealed.


Moth pest control is not just an option, but a priority. People who are facing financial losses because of moths must hire professionals every year to get long-term protection against moths. The experts have the best possible products and employ excellent techniques to kill the moths. So, book the pest control service at the right time and protect your clothes and food from further damage.

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