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Why Buy Commercial Grade Fairy Lights?

Fairy Lights

This article will discuss various types of Commercial Grade Fairy Lights that are available for different areas and also discuss the reasons why people should buy commercial fairy lights from stores like Fusion Lighting Australia. Commercial Grade fairy lights are not light bulbs that make fairy lights. They are a real fairy. Commercial grade fairy is made with a heavy-duty construction which gives professional display even in harsh or worst weather conditions, and they are usable for longer periods. They are provided in many colors, in different styles and sizes, perfect for outdoor light designs. They help enhance the look of backyards, outdoor events, restaurants, cafes, commercial places, markets, and dining areas. They also used to lighten up parties, weddings, and special events. 

There are different fairy lights according to the areas. Some of these mentioned below:

1. Best fairy Lights For Decorating: 

  • LED Fairy fairy Lights
  • Battery-Powered fairy Lights

2. Best fairy light for Umbrellas:

  • LED Euro fairy Lights
  • Global LED fairy lights

3. Best fairy Lights For Pergolas and Gazebos:

  • LED Outdoor fairy Lights
  • Outdoor fairy Lights

4. Best fairy lights for Balconies:

  • Flower Outdoor fairy Lights
  • Mini Lantern fairy Lights Outdoor/Indoor

Reasons Why to Buy Commercial Grade Fairy Lights:

  1. Heavy-Duty Wire: Commercial fairy lights are made with heavy-duty wire, which provides better gauge wiring. The wiring used in commercial fairy lights is thicker, which helps to run more amps typically. Commercial fairy lights have 14 gauge in medium base cords, and commercial C7 and C9 commercial fairy lights have 16 to 18 gauge.
  1. Outdoor and Indoor Use: Commercial fairy lights are available for both outdoor and indoor use. So people can use them according to your convenience. Many commercial fairy lights in the market are available for outdoor use and indoor use with high quality and a long-life guarantee. So people can choose them according to their wants.
  1. Longer Runs: Commercial fairy lights are for long runs. Suppose you had a comparison of standard and commercial lights. You can see that standard 100 foot C9 cords provide a maximum run of 840 watts, whereas commercial fairy light C9 cords provide a maximum run of 1200 watts. So people should need to buy commercial fairy lights which give longer runs to them. 
  1. Weatherproof Sockets: Commercial fairy lights grade cords have weatherproof sockets. These weatherproof sockets prepare PVC, which helps prevent moisture and water entrance by forming tight seals around the bulb. This feature of weatherproof sockets gives the advantage to use these bulbs in any area or outside weather and also helps to give an excellent look at people’s backyards for a longer period.
  1. Professional or Attractive Look: Many people love to go to parties in restaurants and bars because of their lighting effects and decorations. But if people want to design their backyards, decorate homes for parties or events, and make their patios, they can choose commercial fairy lights. Commercial fairy lights help people to give their areas a professional and attractive look like restaurants and bars. 
  1. Affordable Prices: Many commercial fairy lights are available in the markets at affordable prices. So people who don’t have much money and want those types of lights that are affordable and long life and give an attractive look to their homes and backyards should buy commercial fairy lights. 
  1. Easy Installation: People don’t need to worry about the installation of commercial fairy lights. Their installation process is easy and quick. So buy it without any worry. 
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