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Which Lamp Is Ideal for Spa/Massage/Yoga Room?

The clients for spa massage or yoga always expect to get a relaxed environment with a well-being sense. There are several things you need to consider to make the room a peaceful heart touching place. Such as colors, entrance, reception area, treatment room, decor, lighting, sound, scent, etc. Among all, proper lighting is the most important interior that can create returning customers to get the perfect relaxing environment. 

For a spa or massage center, it is vital to balance between privacy and letting in natural light. If your center is in a place with no traffic or buildings around, then natural sunlight is the best option. However, if it is in an urban area, clients’ privacy is the main priority. In that case, you will have to reconstruct the internal light system with suitable artificial lamps.


Mostly Used Lamps in Spa/Massage Center


You can use different types of lamps according to the specific necessities of every space in your center. Also, to get the perfect light effect, you can create a combination of preferable direct and indirect lights.

Normally, fluorescent bulbs and bright lights create the opposite sense of relaxing if you use those for your spa place. That’s why scented candles and dim lights are the perfect choices to generate a sense of calmness within the space. The most used lamps in massage centers are halogen, Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), candle lamps, fibre optic lighting, etc. These enhance the overall ambience with privacy blurriness, and effective to set a luxurious lighting tone.

Candle lights can perfectly create a relaxing ambience easily that is vital in your spa center. Different types of candle lamps create a different ambience. You can use LED candles, waterproof floating candles, flameless candles, etc. for several places in your center. Filling bathroom with candles of various sizes can hold on clients’ refreshing mood even in the washroom. Also, you can create a calm ambience using aromatherapy candles with relaxing fragrances like sandalwood, lavender, chamomile, and many more.

It is very essential to make a perfect choice of lamp in a massage center. Otherwise, the first bad impression of the clients may negatively affect your business. 

Ideal Lamp for Everlasting Spa Experience


You have many options to make your message center unforgettable to the clients with a peaceful feeling. In that case, you have to pick the perfect interior lighting option that can create a long-lasting effect. Himalayan rock salt candle holders in spa rooms can create a real cozy radiant effect with a feeling of comfort. 


These salt candle holders have some extra-ordinary beneficial features that have made these the best choice for spas. 

  • It is suitable to place in any location like on a table, window side, beside the bathtub, or anywhere you feel the necessity.
  • The candle holders ensure natural wind protection so that candles provide a clear and steady light effect. 
  • For the natural shape, candle holders can easily cope with any interior decoration theme for the spa area. Also, you can create a new theme using only those lamps.
  • As these are completely made from Himalayan salt, candle holders use candle heat to increase the artistic glory of the space. 
  • There are some medical benefits as well. The salt made holders act like air vitamin to create a relaxing ambience. It works like purifying the air naturally and provides a peaceful environment. These provide health benefits by boosting energy with comfort feeling. The effects of rock salt help to fight with depression, insomnia and ADHD. The natural salt has the anti-infection power to reduce the allergy effect. Also, it helps to balance the body vibrations and frequencies. 
  • The natural rock salt maintains the air quality by reducing the negative irons. People can inhale fresh pure air there. 
  • The salt lamps come with the bulb, so not extra bulb wattage is necessary to operate those.
  • Available at an affordable price and hassle-free installation process from that you will get a maximum heart touching outcome. 

You can make your spa space more beautiful if using a combination of varieties shaped candles. Fab Glass and Mirror offers Himalayan salt candle holders in numerous dimensions and shapes. You can get the tea light candle holders in:

  • Natural shape
  • Cylinder shape
  • Triangle shape
  • Heart shape
  • Star shape

Those have different colors and weights according to shape and size. The candle holders are easy to install because you can get these fully assembled with a complete user manual. Until now, no side effects have been found of the natural salt lamps. 

In the modern world of today, there is no space for traditional candles for single-purpose use. Here, Himalayan salt candle holders can serve multi-purposes. These are capable to fulfill the modern interior requirements. For a peaceful environment with those candle holders can convert the first time customers into happy returning clients. 

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