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Which Birds Are Pests in Australia?

birds flying

Birds are a beautiful part of nature. They contribute a lot towards the wellbeing of nature and us as they help in the spreading of seeds in several places. But there are some species of birds that are harmful to the native species or cause harm to public property. These birds are known as pesky or pest birds. Melbourne Pest Control has found out that these pesky birds can be harmful to our society as well as nature in many ways and the most common problems that are caused by them are mentioned here:

  • Destroy nests of native birds
  • Kill other species
  • Reproduce very quickly
  • Dislocate native birds
  • Damage roofs and gutters
  • Nesting in chimneys
  • Attacking people
  • Cause a lot of noise
  • Spread of disease

Before taking care of these pests you need to know which birds are pests and which are not. Melbourne Pest Control is listing down some of the pest birds along with their distinct features, which are found in Austria:

birds flying
  • Feral pigeon: also known as common pigeon, these are grey birds with 2 black stripes on wings, with a black-tipped tail. They reproduce throughout the year and nest anywhere near houses.
  • Indian myna: these birds were introduced in the late 18th century to deal with bugs and beetles. They are dark brown and have a bright yellow beak. They damage fruits and force other birds to displace.
  • European sterling: they are black or dark brown colored birds with a shiny blue, green, or brown shade on wings. Their wings are pointy and a short squared tail. They feed on insects and cause damage to the crops, mainly fruit crops.
  • House sparrow: these are small birds that are found in flocks. They are either black, brown, and grey, or white with a black beak. They feed on seeds and cause damage to food grain crops.
  • Magpies: notorious for harming people, these birds are most feared in Australia. But they are among the protected species so you cant harm them. These are black and whitecolored birds with various patterns. Their beak is black at tip and white back.
  • Seagulls: another protected species but a very annoying bird. They are full white and are found in areas near the sea. They are the main threat to the people living in coastal areas

How to get rid of these pesky birds?

There's not just a single answer to this question as there are many methods to get rid of pesky birds. But many of the methods involve killing them, which is wrong and that’s why Melbourne Pest Control will be recommending you some of the non-brutal methods of dealing with these pests. You can use any one or more than one of these methods at your convenience to make your surroundings free of these pesky birds.

1. Preventions and exclusions

  • Eliminate the sources of water for birds.
  • Don’t leave trash cans uncovered. If you do so birds get the chance to feed on your trash.
  • Don’t put your pet’s food outside. Birds can come and feed on them and in some cases hurt your pets also.
  • Never feed the pest birds otherwise more will come.
  • Repair the cracks or openings in roofs and walls as small birds like sparrows may nest inside those cracks.
  • Cover the roof gutters with nets.
  • Always keep shrubs and trees trimmed so that pest birds cant nest in them.
  • If you spot their nest, without hesitation break their nests. It will force them to dislocate.

2. Use bird control products

Once you have taken care of preventive measures next thing to do is bird proofing of your home. Following ways or methods can be used for making your house bird proof:

  • Netting: you can get fine nylon thread nets for catching birds. Apply the net in the places where birds are seen most of the time. When some birds will be caught in the net, other birds won't come near that place and in that way, birds will stop nesting near your home.
  • Repellents: there are many gel-based or sticky bird repellents present in the market that can be used by you to get rid of pesky birds. Put these repellents in places where birds sit like ledges, windows, porches, balconies, etc. It can be a bit costly as these repellents need to be replaced from time to time for better results.
  • Spikes: you can put spikes in the areas where birds are most likely to land near your property. Spikes make it difficult for birds to land and as a result, the area becomes bird free. During summers put these spikes in places where there is a shade like balconies and under ledges.
  • Traps: another effective way of bird proofing your home is by using live traps. These traps can be of any kind automatic or manual, it doesn’t matter. You have to place bait for them inside and as a result, they get trapped inside the live traps. After catching them you can pack them and set them free far away from your home.
  • Calling professionals: the best way to take care of bird infestation is by calling professionals as they know exactly what has to be done in every situation as they are trained people. So if you feel like you don’t want to take the headache of dealing with these pest birds yourselves then you can call Melbourne Pest Control to get bird pest control in Melbourne.

The least and final resort to your problem is calling Melbourne Pest Control as we arewell-known pest controllers. We do the work of bird pest control most efficiently by using high-tech techniques of pest control. The methods used by Melbourne Pest Control are nonviolent as we believe in saving the lives of birds and not killing them. Killing pesky birds is the last option on our list, which we try to avoid all the time.

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