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Where You Should Hang Decorative Mirrors for Elegant and Minimalist

Mirrors not only serve the functional purpose, but also serve as pieces of decoration. They look incredible in any space and make a room appear much spacious than it really is. However, it is imperative to decide on size, form, and design when choosing one for your place.

Either you can pair your glamorous metallic reflectors on the wall with plexiglass prints, or you may even choose a large standalone mirror to spice up one corner of your house.

decorative mirrors

If you're using the mirror to add more depth and dimension or purely for aesthetic reasons, there are a few aspects that you need to bear in mind before you decide to put these decorative mirrors in place.

  • What is the ideal height for placing a hanging mirror?
  • Location of its placement
  • Will it look aesthetic if placed right over the furniture?
  • Will it be a standalone centerpiece or will hang in the company of clustered objects?

A tiny and fragile piece of furniture is bound to look strange under a massive and overpowering mirror. Similarly, a petite and slender reflector will definitely be overlooked above a big and heavy chest of drawers — the secret to perfection is maintaining a delicate equilibrium.

At what height should decorative mirrors be hanged?

decorative mirrors

When your furniture is about 35 inches high, the suitable gap between a mirror and your movables below it should ideally be between 6 - 8 inches conversely, when your furniture's height is less than 35 inches, then an 8 - 12 inches is what we term as appropriate.

However, when your movables are like 40 + inches in standing, so you'll only require about 2 - 5 inches gap from the top of the decorative mirror to the tip of your furnishing.

If you pick a mirror to be positioned above your bed frame, ensure at least 10 inches gap between the two. You would also have to ensure that what is reflecting in the mirror is visually pleasing to look at, as it is going to double up as an artifact too.

If your mirror happens to be a standalone piece with absolutely nothing underneath and is more than 40 inches in length, you must ensure that the top tip of it is at least 50 - 65 inches off the ground. Before you mount, ensure to estimate and label the space for context— It will guarantee the positioning is as desired. Another choice for a large mirror is to simply let it lean against the wall at an appropriate spot— That will make space look twice as large while doubling up as a magnificent piece of decoration.

Realistically speaking, you would never want to put a mirror above eye level. The arrangement is not going to serve the desired purpose; neither is it going to look centered on the wall or between the cluster of other artifacts.

Where to hang decorative mirrors?

decorative mirrors

When thinking about where to position your mirror, the first and foremost thing to find out is whether it's going to be a loner wall piece or it is going to be flanked by other objects around it? There are many gorgeous walls that display ideas that you may choose from, especially when you intend to put your decorative mirror as a part of a cluster involving other hanging decor articles such as acrylic prints, clock, and more. However, to pull off a unified and well-balanced look, it's crucial to ensure all the pieces go well collectively.

Based on their size, rectangular decorative mirrors generally look better as standalone. Also, ensure that your reflector is not enormously big or too petite in comparison to the movables placed in your living room, as it will inadvertently end up ruining the look of the place. Rectangular mirrors are best when positioned right in the middle of the furniture's length. So, these work best for the living rooms, or even. in the bedrooms placed right over the bed frames. You may also consider their positioning over the mantel in a hallway.

Circular decorative mirrors appear fantastic in a cluster or when flanked by several other artifacts. You could either center align it and have objects mounted all around, or place the reflector off-center and then install objects to either left or to the right of it. Circular mirrors also look gorgeous when positioned right above a fireplace. You may even think of installing a sunburst mirror in your kids' room or living room too.

Where to get versatile decorative mirrors design?

decorative mirrors

If you are looking to buy premium quality and yet affordable decorative mirrors for your home or office, Fab Glass and Mirror has got some of the most stunning pieces to enliven your space. Do visit their website to check out the latest collection and live deals.

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