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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Where Should
a Full-Length Mirror Be Placed?

Full-Length Mirror

Mirrors are one of the most functional decorations to have in your home. In fact, you'd be hard-pressed to find a home that doesn't use mirrors in nearly every room.

From checking your appearance to giving the elusion of a larger room, a full-length mirror is a perfect solution for your space. Choosing the perfect size and style will depend on where you plan to place it.

So how do you decide where to hang new your piece?

Using a mirror isn't the same as hanging a photograph. Your placement will depend on space restrictions, light sources, and even what they will reflect.

Want to maximize the use and function of your full-length mirror? When buying a mirror there are a few things you should know before you start looking. Follow along for tips and tricks on choosing the right room and position for your reflective decor.


For most people, this is where all outfit decisions will take place. Having a full-length mirror to truly evaluate your entire style choice is a handy little feature.

You'll want to choose a location that has an ample amount of space in front of it for turning, twisting, and getting the full picture. Placing a mirror a couple of feet from the bed will often cause you to stand too close and restrict movement.

If you prefer to hide your mirror away after use, consider hanging it on the back of your closet door. You'll be able to access it whenever you want without having a permanent reflection on the wall.

Avoid backlighting yourself by positioning it in a place where you'll be forced to stand with the window behind you. Try to utilize natural light without a straight-on approach.


Open up small spaces like bathrooms with the addition of a well-placed mirror.

Consider the area where you'll be when you want to use the mirror and try to utilize your over the sink mirror position as well. If possible, hang it where you'll be able to use both reflections.

Looking into one mirror will give you a view of the back of your head which will be handy for doing your hair or rolling lint off the back of your outfit. Placing your mirror on the back of a door will allow you to adjust the angle for this double-reflection trick.

Child's Room

Children adore looking at themselves in the mirror and having a friend to interact with. They serve as a great distraction tool or provide hours of entertainment and brain development. Just be sure to secure your hanging for your child's safety.

Consider hanging your mirror close to the changing table to prevent squirmy instances and provide them with something to look at.

If your child has space to play in their room, setting up a mirror with a view from the play space is an excellent option. If they have bouncy chairs or ride-on toys, they will be able to see themselves on the mechanism and engage with the activity.

In The Office

If you have a home office or a permanent space at work, you can integrate mirrors for light and space.

If your desk faces a wall, you'll be missing out on daylight that could lift your mood and brighten your space. Position your mirror to reflect light from the window and provide a more interesting backdrop for your main viewpoint.

If you face away from the door, this can be a great tool to prevent those sneak attacks that have you spilling coffee or constantly jumping when coworkers enter. Simply position at an angle where you have a clear sight of your doorway and work away in peace.

Mirrors in the office are a great help for double-checking lipstick or avoiding outfit faux pas before a meeting or video call.

Lounge Room

This is the perfect space to go for a statement piece with your full length mirror choice. You can accentuate your style and add dimension to the room.

If you don't have a clear sight from your kitchen to your lounge room, this can be a great option to allow for moms to see what their children are doing. It also allows a host to be part of the party when preparing food and drinks.

Consider changing up the orientation of your full-length mirror to maximize your space. Turning it to a horizontal layout can make this the perfect decor for above the sofa or fireplace.

If you have a television in your lounge room, try to avoid angling light on the screen to prevent glare and difficult viewing.

In a Hallway

Long, narrow hallways tend to be dark, uncomfortable spaces. Placing a large mirror at the end can open up space and serve to reflect more light into the area. Try to choose wide options wherever possible to avoid the look of a never-ending corridor.

If your hallway leads from the bathroom, angle it in a way that allows users to check that they haven't tucked in any clothing accidentally. This will reduce the amount of time that your family spends checking their appearance in the bathroom and free up the facilities for other users.

Near the Door

Ah, the last-check before heading out spot. If you keep your jackets near the door, this is the perfect place to have a 'does this go together' mirror. When your company arrives, you'll be able to double-check your presentation before opening the door.

Make sure your mirror is placed to reflect a plain backdrop for the best outfit-checking ability. This will also prevent the look of cluttered spaces by avoiding the appearance of two walls filled with jackets and shoes.

Hang-Up Your Full-Length Mirror

Now that you know the best positioning for each room, you can get the most out of your beautiful new full-length mirror. For style and function, you'll be acing your hanging choices and maximizing your space.

Want to learn how to create more beautiful spaces in your home? Follow along with our other articles to learn the best ways to bring a more welcoming and comfortable environment.

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