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When Should a Hot Water
Pressure Washer Be Used?

Water pressure washers are the two sides of the same coin: Both come with the same flow rate and the same capability of cleaning. So it is relatively very hard to know for a newcomer to know the basic difference between the two.

So if you are also sharing the same boat and want to get the answer to the question: when should a hot water pressure be used? We are here to solve the mystery.

A cold water pressure washer cleans dirt and soil whereas the hot water pressure washer gives a tough time on grease and oil.

To know the actual usage of a hot water pressure washer, you must learn how does a hot pressure washer work and what are the potential advantages of using it. So, below is a quick guide.

How does a hot water pressure washer work?

The work is simple and straightforward. A hot water pressure creates a high-speed heat that allows the detergent to break the tough molecules of grease and grime.

By creating water pressure, the hot water hits the greasy surface to break down the molecules.

Advantages of a hot water pressure washer

  • If you are looking for a more hygienic cleaning, hot water pressure is what you need. There were days when cleaning grease had cost you your arm and shoulder strength. But thanks to the hot water pressure washer that cleans the tough grease within minutes.
  • Using a hot water pressure washer can save you money since it needs less detergent to wipe off the grease and grime. As soon as the hot water hits the affected area, the grease starts to loosen off. Hence it is not only a great time-saver but is also a wallet-friendly cleaning device.
  • Since it can raise the temperature to 166 degrees Celsius, using it will give you great comfort even if you are tackling with the stubbornest dirt. At this degree of temperature, it creates steam that removes the long-sitting dirt quickly and efficiently.

Where a hot water pressure washer should be used?

You can use a best commercial pressure washer to clean the large surface area. Be it a tennis court or a shipping vessel that needs a smooth cleaning, this machine fits into needs.

And for your kitchen’s exhaust hoods, nothing can give you a 100% dirt and grease-free surface except for a hot water pressure washer. The malls, car parking areas, and industrial sites make this machine one of the most sought-after cleaning devices.

How to select the best hot pressure washer?

You would step back by knowing the initial price of this machine. The price of the best professional hot water pressure starts from $2000 and goes up to $10, 000. A little frustration! Isn’t it?

You can have a wide array of hot water pressure washers: some are belt-driven while others are directly driven. Again hot water pressure washers run on gas as well as are electrically powered. Buying the one is eco-friendly as well as it introduces more cleaning.

Well, on a long term basis, this machine is a lifetime investment sort of thing. Since it needs less detergent and cleans efficiently, you can think of giving it a must-try.


A water pressure washing system allows you to clean dirt, grime, and grease quickly and easily. Hot water pressure washers have negated the theory: no pain, no gain. Because a hot water pressure washer within less time cleans the tough greasy surfaces.

Wherever there are grease and deep-rooted oil, using a hot water pressure washer will save you time and energy.

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