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Situations When You Should Hire
a Duplicate Key Maker!

Lots of people accidentally lost, damaged, or break their keys. Sometimes the most common among them is, people forget their keys or lock the keys inside the car or their house. If any of these have ever happened to you, then you might need to make a duplicate key. So you might call or hire a locksmith.

We know that losing or damaging the keys and replacing it with a new one is so hustle and so stressful and frustrating. And in this writing, you will find when and why you need to hire a duplicate key maker around you. So keep reading!

Situations when you should hire a duplicate key maker:

There are lots of reasons why you may need to call a key maker. Below are some common reasons why you need to hire them.

  • When you lost your keys
  • When you accidentally broke your keys
  • When the keys are damaged
  • When you lock the keys inside the home or house
  • When you need a supplementary key
  • When you concerned about more security
  • While moving to a new lock system
  • When you forget the combination of your lock

There are also some types of keys that the professionals (for example, Serrurier la louvière) can offer you to remake according to your need. Among them some are given down below:

The types of Keys that can transform:

  • Regular house keys
  • Rim lock keys
  • Padlock
  • Car door keys
  • Garage door manual keys
  • Combination lock keys
  • Double-sided keys
  • Four-sided keys
  • Desk locker keys
  • Transponder keys

In the above, it is mentioned why you need to hire a duplicate key maker. Among them all, the most common 4 reasons are described below:

1. When you broke or damaged the keys:

The most common reason why we need to call or hire a locksmith is we accidentally break the lock or keys. And the keys break and half of it remains in the lock. Sometimes we get frustrated to unlock the lock, especially when it is the time of emergency.

Either it is the case of emergency, or in the regular time, we want to get rid of that bitter situation. So eventually we call a locksmith to unlock it and to fix the lock. Then most of the time, the locksmith needs to break the lock. And they need to make a duplicate key to unlock the lock.

2. When you accidentally lock your keys inside your home or car:

Another common reason that people usually make is they accidentally lock their car or house door without having the keys. When they realize it, they need to call a locksmith around them to unlock their door.

Sometimes this situation is so annoying and stressful in some cases. Suppose when you are in a rush or emergency, these kinds of situations are so frustrating. To remake the car or home keys, you may need to call a Serrurier around you. The Serrurier may remake and replace the keys with a duplicate one.

3. To ensure the security:

It is wise to make a duplicate key before facing all these unavoidable circumstances. If your keys are transponder, especially smart lock, then it may be programmed with the devices. In that case, you need to bypass the lock.

In that situation, one should call a locksmith to remake the keys. If the keys are programmed with the locks, then perhaps the key maker needs to bypass the lock with his special tool. And it might take some hours and days to make a duplicate key. In contrast, if it’s the regular one, then it is easy to make another key for professional key makers.

4. Forget the combination of locks:

There is a type of lock that is also known as combination locks. In this type of lock, the only way to unlock is to remember the combination. And most of the time, people forget their combination for not using their lock for a while. As a result, they can not unlock their lock.

In that case, they need to hire a locksmith to reset the locks. The professionals always have some special tools to make a duplicate combination for resetting the locks.

Final words

No matter where you are or what situation you are facing, if you are such a situation where you locked yourself, or you need to call a key maker, then it is wise to find someone around you. Because when you are in a rush or an emergency, every second is precious.

So it is always better to learn about some Serrurier around you in the emergency. Hopefully, this brief discussion regarding the duplicate key maker would be helpful for you.

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